I was contemplating where the view-from-above can be found. I mean looking at everything from the furthest height in a superlative sense. And one thing leads to another and I find myself reading a recent dissertation on Tibetan Buddhism.

He refers to it as “omnitemporal” awareness.

What would it be like if at the southern border of the US we had Tibetans? Just a harmless thought, that’s all. I wouldn’t blame them if they wanted to keep the crass materialism of the north out of there.

Non-coincidentally, this dissertation is speaking of “eight” consciousnesses. In part, Leary was trying to adapt their system to the mechanistic western mentality.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just take a picture of the Bardo? The afterlife, the place outside of time, etc. just take out your phone and upload the picture to the internet. Some of them put it into words that are close enough to a picture.

Another way that they spin it- this one sounds interesting

Beginning at the Beginning. I’m piggybacking here off what I was talking about yesterday- and I don’t think philosophy is enough. Philosophizing occurs within time. How to get outside of time?

While this might seem mundane to you, I think the general consensus in the west is even more in denial of these states than it is the sort of historiographical observations I make here.

Remember, this one isn’t on google translate either

Indo-Tibetan languages may provide a useful vocabulary for explaining that which is often described as ineffable.

Let’s put it in a way that fallen, post-death-of-god westerners might be able to grasp

One reason (out of many, trust me) sites like Erowid seem so retarded is because they’re simply in english. We don’t have a proper vocabulary for those states. So we superimpose our clunky empiricist vocabulary on the experience, and as a result it seems like more of The Same.

Didn’t Kojeve learn Tibetan? I can’t think of many people who have done that. Remember those days? When Marxists weren’t thoroughly sad to look at?

Anyway, the real reason I speculate there’s hostility to this-

not the inspiring promise of endless living, but the terrible prospect of ceaseless dying

If you want to go outside of time, that self that goes there isn’t you, because YOU have to die to go there. Call it a hunch, people don’t want to die.

Remember that cartoon from yesterday of the philosopher in the cloud asking “What’s this?” Only the mundane realm is depicted there. It’s far from a comprehensive snapshot of the structure of the human sciences, given that these various schools of Buddhism believe themselves to have created their own version of science which takes them out of what we see as the “human” realm entirely.

You’re just pressing the Total Chaos button when you talk about this subject

This is where we are in history I guess

Of all academic disciplines, philosophy has foregone most potential gains by abnegating psy-phen [psychedelic phenomenology]. That a discipline immersed in consciousness should avoid this most multifarious and deeply rich form of consciousness is regrettable.

I’m always talking about the “human animal” – this is the opposite side of the continuum.

I’m enough of a western supremacist to think that we could map out these omnitemporal realms better than the Buddhists if we wanted to. Nope, we’re too preoccupied day after day with the latest “social injustice”. Those ephemeral nothings definitely occur within “time”. How can people be so easily amused? How can their attention be grabbed by current events everyday? To me it looks like adults who watch children’s TV shows and aren’t bored by them. The answer is that they truly are children, just of a higher age.

So, another day of talking about how the “philosophy of religion” can be controversial in so many ways.

I guess pretend this is a… news article? If that’s what you need to do?

Maybe it’s just me, I want to go to a Buddha field.

a viewing of the process from the highest dimension in the plane… it’s in the tumbling forward rushing chaos of the lower dimensional slices of time, that we lose it, that we become confused.

Is THIS what they’re up to in Myanmar? A country of 55 million people… How many have achieved Buddhahood, or half-Buddhahood?

Do they even think about us here in the west at all? Lower evolved beings- why would they be of any interest?

Not to get political, I just think that somewhere along the line in Jewish history something must have went wrong if they find themselves now administering over such a profane civilization. Higher dimensions of consciousness for their citizens is not their M.O. What went wrong? Well, I can tell you about 50 things off the top of my head actually.

What are these Buddhists in Myanmar talking about?

And we know what the materialist Marxist Chinese did to the Tibetans.

This is just an ordinary daily thing for some of them?

“You’re exoticizing them! Watch the news with us or we’re getting out our pitchforks!”

What would the hopeless, slimy gremlins of the west make of this?

Buddhist descriptions of vivid, bejeweled, and fractal pure realms

Here is a description of the Nyingthig lineage of the Dzogchen tradition’s idea of being outside of time

Or at least that’s how it’s rendered in English…

Who needs poetry if it can’t get you outside of time?

Dzogchen is the apotheosis of Tibetan Buddhism and Longchenpa is the pre-eminent master of Dzogchen and one of Tibet’s greatest mystical poets

What do you think, Mr. Franklin, do you think we need to know about these things to found a country on reality?

Americans are so far gone this post might as well be in Tibetan

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