Some hilarious lore about Evola’s book on Buddhism

That’s virtually the only western book on Buddhism that I trust so I wanted to see if anyone was influenced by it, and this Harold Musson a.k.a. Ñāṇavīra Thera appears to have written some books on this religion in a similar vein. (And someone named Stephen Batchelor in turn was inspired by Thera.)

Was the Buddha a current year liberal? That seems to be the cultural image we have of him. So it appears the following can be extended to two hundred years

In a letter he wrote after spending 15 years in a hut in a Sri Lankan jungle Thera said that he had developed reservations about Evola’s book on Buddhism.

“Why did you do this to me!?!?!” Just kidding.

He was studying the primary Pali Canon texts throughout that time.

Authentic chains being sought

You can’t get rid of projection. Maybe if you’re a hermit reading Pāli all day? In any case, on the spaghettinet just now I saw someone say that learning Buddhism from Evola is like learning how to make a pizza from an Eskimo, and there’s probably truth to that.

It took Thera a decade in Sri Lanka before he thought he had reached nirvana.

Probably only Evolaheads will be interested in this “chain”. Most will think that anyone inspired by Evola must be evil.

Around fourteen years into his asceticism he developed the problem of satyriasis, which seems pretty expected honestly.

It’s a matter of how futile you see the west is, how noxious you see the west is. Could it drive you to do what Thera did?

What is it that you wouldn’t be able to give up? I bet most of what you want to keep isn’t noble. Just a bet, just a bet.

It looks like Thera was similar to Corbin in using Eastern thought to see beyond Heidegger

Thera believed that even Sri Lankan authorities on Buddhism were infected by western thought.

To what extent have Buddhists been “cloned” by the west without realizing it?

He was following Evola’s goal in the book he translated to recapture Buddhism in its original form.

It’s kind of tough not to instinctively trust someone like Thera over an academic on Buddhism

Evola was using translations from the 1910s for his book, Thera read the primary texts firsthand. Evola wrote a book about asceticism, Thera practiced asceticism. Just letting you know about “sequels” to that Evola book if you’re like me and thought it was in terms of Buddhism scholarship above and beyond.

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