I always sense feminists following me like a plague. Why don’t you do something like Thera did?

Are you incapable of removing yourself from society for years, and studying texts that aren’t part of the accepted zeitgeistTM?

Only a real woman could do that in my opinion.

If you need the crutch of jews or third-worlders you aren’t a real feminist.

Something I don’t think you can accept is that jews, third-worlders, women, and white men all need to be destroyed.

Are you able to attack your fellow women? Probably not.

If you can’t do that you are blocked from initiation.

Women tend to be hollow dolls – identifying with that is part of the regression of the castes.

Furthermore, the reason Jews are so secretive is because they are part of the Oriental despotism. Are you a hollow doll woman, are you oriental? If not then you may be able to see the truth.

Next- white men are often Grugs and follow the jew-doll pseudo-science. Do you see yourself as Grug’s bride? The only real self-realization of woman is to see these things in my opinion.

What a kike says, no one cares. What a doll says, no one cares. What a grug says, no one cares. There. Now we can possibly consider the real dimensions of “feminism”. If you cannot leave those behind then I doubt it’s possible for you to be an autonomous and rational human being that has genuine freewill.

“What’s the next step after that?” You have to step over the kikes/dolls/grugs first before it’s worth telling you that. The next step after that? The first step is first.

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