Rare page of insta-translatable htmls of kabbalistic texts here

Is there punishment for picking this lock I wonder?

Being reincarnated into a gopher or something like that probably wouldn’t be that bad, right?

Nah, what’s the harm in the following for instance

the world of wheels the images and stars, which are in the sky above, high above high and high above them, and there is not a word in our language

In Luria’s own lifetime he thought he would be persecuted by his fellow Jews for speaking of these things. If some Yid even today randomly started poasting about Luria I imagine they’d be perceived as something demonic.

I find all these links on a Czech site for some reason? It’s unprecedented in terms of htmls in my experience so best to click around.

I frequently find this theme in the primary texts

I.e. you’re not going to be seeing Idel mentioning it.

Way to be dramatic, Luzzatto

And you are a pleasant reader, know that terrible and very, very huge secrets I have to inform you in this second part, things that stand at the top of the world

It’s easy to feel like psycho-Jünger when flipping through these pages

“That’s no huge secret, that the exile darkened the eyes of Israel!” Yeah right, apply that observation to all the jewish-controlled institutions.

I have a hunch that the cursed ones can only read these things about them through those very darkened eyes.

What business does such a people of darkness have to do with the following?

It IS curious that even the golems that are aware of this darkness of the world governors prefer people like me kept in a gulag, isn’t it? It seems to follow that they must be cursed themselves and know it. Tell me little golem, are you cursed?

I just imagine anyone with Maoist inclinations to have “gook face of the soul”.

I think lots of people have a secret they don’t want to admit.

Forget about it, you’re a being of light, you don’t need to be a Maoist.

This is interesting in terms of the roots of the Kagal

they are called ten sefirot, nine for leadership, and one for supervision

To be self-referencing, this is from Luzzatto who many consider to be Keter. What about in actuality, materially? Probably the type that is still receiving compound interest from the Atlantean Age. Ancestors have consumed unknown amounts of barrels of goyim blood, etc.

“Joking” aside, Golden Dawn and adjacent groups would perform rituals where they would stand together in the design of the sephirothic-system so I don’t rule out Yids doing that, now or historically. The world is still waiting for a politically incorrect Eyes Wide Shut.

Hollywood producer and puppet actor jews are probably only somewhere around Tiphereth.

It’s really the egregore more than anything that is Keter.

I don’t claim to be doing anything more than speculating, since no one else will. It is possible that some of the usurers consider themselves beyond good and evil, and that the egregore in their eyes is only something for the slaves below. My guess though is that they are “proud Jews” and the history of their people is something they have humility in the face of, who knows though.

Let’s put it this way- Seinfeld is a Syrian Jew and you know a lot about him because he was all over the screens. Meanwhile how much do you know about his cousins?

played a negative role in the economic crises of the Wilayat of Damascus because they used crooked ways to extort money from the population to collect great wealth.

They’re the “stars” of their own “show” called “our lifeworld”.

“This is the DEFINITION of a conspiracy theory!” Yup, just focus on Biden.

Anyway, more Luzzatto

when Israel sinned, [the Lord] caused the Shechinah to be clothed in shells

After continuing to sin for hundreds of years did it remain a mere outer-garment of shells?

This is from the same paragraph as the above- it doesn’t seem like a casual utterance

with terror and awe and great anxiety I unfold these things before you

Not like you need to hear this. All you have to do is listen to living Jews talk to know they’re shell-people.

I guess you’re not allowed to say this?

If your instincts and personality are cultivated by a shell-people you will be a shell-person yourself, so I don’t expect many readers to see the truth I’m getting at here. What they call “consciousness” is a never-ending rationalization. Whatever gets the Maoist project of the destruction of humanity accomplished is the only thing they care about.

the Goddess will have to be in the secret of a box, for her luminaries will be clothed in shells

Shekina, are you sure there is any luminescence left?

The above passage though is another way of saying that Jewish flaws will be concealed because they will distract from their essential light. It seems this is just used as an excuse today. All they do is spread their flaws to others, calling them non-flaws, calling them virtues. Global shellification.

shells – they are very dangerous to look at

For those with shoddy memory, shell is another word for kelipah.

Recall that what scholars unanimously regard as the definitive text on the kelipot–written by Tishby and translated into English–is not locatable on google and seems to have been bought off the market. So this is “choice” to find one of their pinnacles of wisdom talking about the kelipot in this html.

You’re telling me that no documentary is able to be made, no comedian is able to joke about this?

And behold, the souls of the great righteous heads of Israel descended, standing there in the shells with her, And there they suffer from lack of light

And like clockwork the shell-clones will project all this onto me, dismissing me as a shell for “taking the kike goddess out of her box”.

I have to admit, I’m kind of a sorcerer, and people don’t like those.

It’s because I’m jolting their priest-caste, and that’s the equivalent of dissolving their God, because the priest-caste is a barrier that protects it from dissolution.

Meddling with zero, merging their consciousness with the abyss, in other words. Well, they believe in shell-priests and a shell-god, so I think someone has to point it out to them.

How about you just REPENT and RENOUNCE instead of blaming me for informing you of these things.

Expecting this from a spiritual gook-face, sure.

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