I think something not many can accept is that…

Listen to the words carefully here




It doesn’t matter if Marx was one of the most groundbreaking thinkers of recent times, because “they got him”. If you align with Marx today you are only demonstrating that you are buying the ticket to be one of “them”.

From off the reservation Marx is an “honorary Aryan” being essentially a Hegel-golem. They got him.

He was pulled into the blob, he is gone.

All of his concepts have been reversed. He is one with capitalism now, he is a commodity.

They were trying to do this with Nietzsche, that’s how I understand this. No one tried to save Marx from this, so he is GONE.

Any card-carrying Marxist is a puppet of capital today. These are the ones Marx himself tried to warn about.

I think of Marx as in a quicksand, rapidly sinking. He was not saved. He went down into it. No one saved him, blame yourself.

Another way to think of it, that assigns more blame to subjects, is that it wasn’t quicksand- he was surrounded and eaten by animals. That is the fate of Marx.

If you use his name to bandy around your cause it isn’t even a question that you are one of these animals.

Marx is dead. People these days wear a Marx-costume to give themselves an air of legitimacy.

I ask my leftist frenemies, why did you not try to save him? I tried to do this with Nietzsche. You just let Marx die.

The plutocrats are happy you did that, you’ve been a good serf.

Now what’s the topic of the day that capital tells you to talk about? Chop chop.

Only bourgeois cretins know Marx these days, isn’t that a tragedy? – signed, a Nietzschean

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