I know it’s probably tough to accept, that idea of the aesthetician Sedlmayr.

As much as Marxists and Nietzscheans are enemies they’re still part of the same historical wave.

Sedlmayr thinks that even Kant was a mistake.

The constraints they put on thought these days makes it seem impossible. I just think the Nietzsche-Marx dispute has its own elements of charade. What about before these two?

Can that even be “thought” by us moderns?

The problem is, if you’re smart you’re probably in an institution, and in an institution you have to appease many people or be hated or be fired.

Just a question in the spirit of Socrates- What were Marx and Nietzsche both wrong about, if anything?

Because it seems we are stuck here, presupposing that either one or the other was right. Someone like Sedlmayr makes one reflect on the possibility that they were both wrong, and thus their solutions were wrong too.

“We are the ones who let Marx scream for help in quicksand and let him die, so why are you asking us?”

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