There are a few forgotten phenomenologists out there. When Max Scheler died in 1928 Heidegger called him the strongest philosophical force in all of Europe. Scheler has a book on one of my favorite concepts, which I think explains most things, and which most people are in denial of- ressentiment. I feel like I’m stabbing them by even bringing it up, and that makes me laugh. Let’s muse on this perceptive figure’s text.

Because of this emotive readiness, is not easily embarrassed or ashamed about himself. Feelings of resentment, however, are irritated by the unattainability of positive values that others represent.

That’s just “shoot to kill” material.

This doctor calls ressentiment a disorder of the heart.

Scheler had an Eye for the emotional life of humanity.

Ressentiment is something passive. It’s a revenge-impulse that isn’t ever fulfilled. It “stews”. It’s a contained rage I would locate in the chest, hence the heart. It’s a scream that’s never let out. Maybe fragments of it can slip out- for the most part it’s something “held”. From the chest it wells up into the head, and colors the vision. It colors it red.

Ah this takes me back, I used to think about this concept all the time, and I think I stopped talking about it because it seemed too obvious to state. Maybe not?

I would say this is the fundamental mood of the Antifa of both left and right. They don’t even realize it because it’s so close to “who they are”.

Hating others for their virtues. It almost sounds so absurd that it’s impossible. Think again. Usually when I call people niggers I’m suggesting they’re a “person with incurable ressentiment”, among other things. Couldn’t be the one reading this right now!

Look at this psychological poetry

This is so ubiquitous in our hellworld that you might have missed it. Many people’s “normal personality” is just pure ressentiment. Our institutions are clogged with these types. Sad to say that such behavior is actively encouraged and incentivized. This is because our culture is mentally ill at its root.

Reasoning about values can not stop the emotive disorder to occur and continue. It might at best recognize the disorder when, for instance, a ressentiment-subject says, “There is something wrong with me.” But this is very rare among those subjects

A cursed exile mental patient who LIVES to erode white society is never going to admit there’s something wrong with them. A woman that can’t escape the realm of the senses will never admit her ressentiment toward men is “something wrong with me”. No sweetie, there’s patriarchy because you don’t have a mind for abstractions- you’re good at other things so just try to “cool it”.

I would characterize ressentiment by a “burning”, an inner magma that gradually fries the spirit, even chars it irreparably. Something else essential about it is that it’s a ferocity held by someone already dead. The virtue of others kills them, and ressentiment is “revenge from the dead” so to speak, a growling zombie. Or shrieking zombie if it’s a woman. A quiet shrieking that is usually revealed casually. It’s mostly an inner burning. The heart is on fire, in a bad way. It steams the brain. In our culture so many people’s brains are steamed beyond repair.

How shrewd is THIS?

this is the very “tragic” in all resentment feelings — throughout the process of the emotional inversion of value-detraction and value-elevation there remains translucent, no matter how faintly, the true order of values and their ranks, in the background of the entire value conflict.

Jews know they’re kikes, and that makes them even redder, makes them see an even bloodier red. Women know they’re natural subordinates, etc. etc. the list goes on.

“Hey, what if I happen to be both a Jew AND a woman?” Uhhh… you’re screwed? God hates you? You’ve been damned with your existence? A “cure” would be to start by saying “There’s something wrong with me”. I bet a good portion of steam would whistle out of your ears and it would be a relief if you simply admitted that. Since I expect that to be impossible we need to do something about these Jewesses who are overweight hookers with armpit hair that hate smiling people during Christmas time. “How DARE you know who I am!” Sabbatai was a false-messiah and there’s no better proof than that phenomenon.

Feeling that ressentiment at all while reading the above? Slimy people with greasy smiles, I wonder why they would have that emotion while reading me.

“You need to get slimy, you need to get integrated!” No.

Anyway, there’s no talking them out of it. The more acutely you diagnose their problem the more acutely they will feel enraged. They are broken individuals that instead of adopting a virtue will call it bad. Put them back in the box and return them, hopefully you didn’t throw away the receipt. Oh wait, we can’t do that with “human beings”, can we.

Ahh that’s the word I was trying to think of, Scheler!

“Rancor” is just such a suppressed wrath, independent of the ego’s activity, which moves obscurely through the mind.

This book is another one of those “sequels” to Nietzsche’s Genealogy, if you didn’t guess.

The idea is that ressentiment is the source of value-judgments.

Psychological poetry

This is who I call the Maoist monkeypeople. Listen carefully, because it IS a whisper that they talk to each other with. You see, the ressentiment-imbued tend to be friends. They whisper each other that weakness is a strength. Again, this is so “everywhere” it’s difficult to perceive.

This book was written over a hundred years ago, and Scheler in my opinion remains the astutest interpreter of this concept of Nietzsche’s.

He calls it a self-poisoning of the mind. The stewing rage that they do not let out leads to the formation of value-delusions, value-inversions. I’m not only talking about my readers either.

Here is a pretty “textbook” example of phenomenology

The nuances of language are precise. There is a progression of feeling which starts with revenge and runs via rancor, envy, and impulse to detract all the way to spite

These emotions are kept inside, they ferment there and often fester. When they finally emerge, often a value is inverted. Ressentiment breeds delusions.

I can’t think of anyone in the world I feel this toward – a litmus test for you

It is as if it whispers continually: “I can forgive everything, but not that you are — that you are what you are — that I am not what you are — indeed that I am not you.”

Pathetic sellouts everywhere that rage with ressentiment when you remind them of that instead of improving. Fevered egos. All orcs can do is roar at the sky. And again, this is often a whisper.

This is a society-destroying problem that is currently rampant and unchecked. This isn’t armchair psychology, something needs to be done about this.

You might see why Heidegger thought so highly of Scheler

the positive values are still felt as such, but they are overcast by the false values and can shine through only dimly.

You’ll be surprised for me to note that I think this speaks to the inherent dignity of every person. As a human being they have this intuition. So it starts from there, if we were to solve this problem.

This is hilarious… Scheler is what one might call “old-fashioned”

We also note that the “witch” has no masculine counterpart. The strong feminine tendency to indulge in detractive gossip is further evidence; it is a form of self-cure.

He’s a mischling too by the way, one who doesn’t spare the Jews, or the Christians either, or the aging, or the bourgeoisie. It’s a list alright, of “whisperers”.

I don’t think this goes without saying- it needs to be said

It goes without saying that genuine moral value judgments are never based on ressentiment.

It’s only your own intuition that can determine this- what shines through the overcast sky is what’s true. Or maybe the sky is clear and bright?

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