It’s an extensive one, the correspondence of Buber, the mystic of dialogue- where to begin? How about with what’s not there

One does not know everything at once. I should’ve gotten to Buber a lot sooner. A dialogue with this Hasid OF Hasids, what they really should be putting on Netflix.

“That idea is of the devil.” That IS what the demiurge would think.

You otherwise always see it as so progressive to see people of different religions talking to each other.

Stop for a second, step back, and reflect- why do I “have you” right now? It’s just an ongoing realization of “checkmate” that always has to be rationalized after the fact.

I just care about religion, so I don’t know what the fuss is about. The meaning of God, the highest of the high. It seems like a deductible conclusion that you’d have to be “a minion of the demiurge” to want to hide someone who “has you”. Right where I want you.

No, you’re fine, you’re not wearing an SS uniform while reading this. No. I bet if you dressed as that for Halloween you’d have some funny things to say though.

It reminds me of that Bukowski poem I’ve mentioned before

What kinds of drugs do I have to pump into your system for this to happen?

No, there will be no costume, there will be no drugs. It’s just a normal day.

Maybe I am the demiurge myself? That probably would be part of the conversation, if it could be had at all, which it can’t.

We already know though. What is shining through an overcast sky for you? There is no overcast sky for me. Why do you have to lie in public so much, you tell me.

If we had a conversation you’d have to talk about those lies, and you wouldn’t want that. There’s no “block button” when you’re talking to someone, that’s the equivalent of running away. They keep you in a cozy place on the internet, don’t they. No spikes of anxiety if you can run away with a click. Wouldn’t you feel kind of stupid too if you had to fumble around with some AI technology to formulate an answer? That’s just the reality of being a person I guess. Blocking, using bots, nameless scapegoating, of someone who simply wants to have a conversation with you about religion. So I’ve decided to have it anyway, here at this icy digital peak, if you are able to hear me through the whistling wind.

I’m only trying to talk with the real ones, there are no costumes or winds with them. When Nietzsche said that he was a total skeptic about Plato that was a Platonistic piety he was expressing. He was reverentially a Platonist by doing that. You need to understand the psychology of this to grasp what Judaism sees as its “Other”. I can do this pretty naturally myself because I AM the demon to them. I’m a total skeptic about Nietzsche too. And that makes it easy to be a total skeptic about the thought-system the living Jews have crafted. Our reverence IS in blasphemy. Plato looked at Zeus and thought “Screw you, Zeus”, Nietzsche looked at Plato that way, some of us look at what goes for “Zeus” today that way.

The internet is a Wizard of Oz moment for the Jews that they still have not been able to mend.

Okay, just pretend it’s Halloween if that’s what you need to do. What do you really see there when you pull back the curtain?

I emphasize for the hundredth time that my version of Zeus is “rangordnung”, which is an abstract, neoplatonistic symbol. If I saw rangordnung in Jews when I pulled the curtain back then I wouldn’t find myself having an ordinary day wearing an SS uniform. There is something that is questionable about this “wizard of oz”. Just my first intuition tells me that it’s a growling, angry, sweaty nerd. Fat with glasses, wishing I didn’t intrude in his secret lair. The jig is up.

Hands up!

Just kidding, we won’t be calling on the many people in the country who own guns to carry out a “Citizens’ Justice”.

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