I know not many people are happy when I say this. The only way to have an actual talk is to presuppose that jews, women, browns, plebs, are not real human beings.

It’s the truth, and they have a burning hatred if they find themselves as one of those types reading this.

Hello, nigger.

Would you like to be instructed? Unfortunately I am not a kindergarten teacher.

This doesn’t need to be anything occult either, I just feel like a regular American. Granted I’ve studied lots of books compared to the regular American, that’s still how I feel.

I don’t think it’s merely an “opinion” of mine. It’s the truth that these types are kindergarteners.

“Should you be so mean to them then?” If they pretend to be mature, rational adults then they shouldn’t see it as “mean”.

If you identify as a kindergartener when I talk about kindergarteners then you are probably a kindergartener by the way. Sweet daughter, should I let you play with knives? I suggest you watch me slash some throats and learn from that. Instead you have an Oedpial complex. You won’t be able to learn how to kill the REAL evil people with that attitude. Again, this is a kindergarten class I find myself speaking to.

How much freetime do you find in a day? And did you spend any of it studying the various phenomenologists I’ve detailed? If not then you can never be beautiful. You can only be beautiful by the cursed jews’ standards. The Neoplatonist idea of beauty is not something you would be able to grasp.

Calling all the garbage! Calling all the garbage of the world, please read this post!

The Divine Feminine is something that I’d call my wife. If you can’t achieve that ideal then I don’t really care. I think I’ve proven enough that I’d rather jack off than depart from that ideal.

In jew-world you are a prostitute. I like to imagine something higher from you.

Maybe the next Kant will be a woman? With the jews’ structuring of things that will never happen.

In the current system women are holes and that’s it. I don’t see the point of fucking a hole if she isn’t the next Kant.

Jesse might realize that one of the “partzufim” resembles Harvey and Jeffrey.

Meanwhile, their jewesses aren’t appealing enough to have sex with.

So we have this bribery-centered ruling-class that sees our own women as objects and can’t even help its own women.

Hello, Jewess.

Do I even have to say more than hello for you to know?

“I disavow that, I’m part of the sweaty nerd jews’ way of thinking about reality.”

That’s fine, because you’d have to explicitly prove that you’re superior to European women, and I doubt you can do that, being an ugly hunchback.

“I look like a rat! European women need to be vanquished.” Same with us on the plane of ideas with male jews.

Vanquish me, rodent-soul.

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