If Africans are still reading this, you guys are extraordinary. “Dats right”, the word nigger can be applied to many people besides blacks. This … is not something that should be more than a personal matter in our time.

I made all white people hate me so why can’t you do it with blacks!

Something funny about blacks is that if you call them a pussy they get more offended than anyone else.

Nah, you coo, you coo. You need sensitive kikewhites to tell you you coo.

I’m a better friend to African-Americans than any liberal is.

For example, witness- Hey stupid nigger, do you have to chimp out when anyone questions your people?

We are trying “here” to get people of jewish, woman, brown, black ancestry to have a normal conversation.

HEY STUPID NIGGER. Black people who aren’t plebs see this sign of address as a form of respect.

“I’m sicka you.” Dats coo dawg.

It’s possible for black people to learn the best books in the white tradition.

I’m just speaking to those with a “shaman” nature among the blacks.

If you can’t grasp that then you can’t help your people.

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