Why are these titans in agreement about this writer?

The two main esotericists

Bashevis wrote in Yiddish. Agnon is the Hebrew Nobel laureate.

They thought of him as a relic. Scholem called him a “Jews’ Jew”

Buber and Agnon collaborated on a project to comprehensively collect together the primary sources of Hasidism. And Agnon integrated that tradition into his fiction.

Hasidism was a living, spoken tradition for Agnon. For Buber it was a literary tradition, he read about it.

The last interview Scholem gave, a year before his death, was on his friendship with Agnon.

Agnon was born in Galicia, now Ukraine.

I remember Aschheim speaking some about him

What to Agnon represented spirit and culture was to Franzos a symptom of backwardness and degeneration. Their ghettoes appear as almost entirely different universes

Scholem saw Agnon as a reincarnation of the Baal Shem Tov.

You tell me why he would be important to understand

Heh, apt title here

Nah, I will try to approach Agnon objectively. Of the three writers mentioned above, I think it says something that figures as erudite as Scholem and Buber found Agnon to be authentic. Unless they were too offended or hurt by Franzos to admit he was authentic? It’s an open question. There’s a preview of Roshwald’s book on google books. I only discovered Agnon recently so I’m uncertain where to jump into his prolific corpus just yet.

This is interesting

Excessive beautification of the shtetl would probably have the effect of lulling and hypnotizing one to feel happy living in ZOG. Maybe we should be happy with it? An open question. Liberals seem to believe the egregore offers the best of all possible worlds, and they could be right. Maybe reactionaries are demented crackbabies? That’s what the liberals seem to think about us anyway. Then again, these tend to be people who only learned of the JQ somewhat recently and are probably still fighting their own psychologies to get a clear grasp of it.

All I know is that it makes sense to investigate Hasidism for traces–or even the basis–of our contemporary weltanschauung. That is, over and above the Talmud or Luria. The latter are just necessary for crystalline understanding. And the two most prominent scholars of Jewish religion of recent times looked at Agnon as the one who embodied Jewish religion.

Wouldn’t it be funny if I had a “Matrix epiphany” through reading Agnon and realized ZOG is the best of all possible worlds? I bet you’d start playing devil’s advocate against ME instead. Leftists hate me so much they’d still be pulled into believing the opposite of what I do just on principle. “NO, those sugary lies are pure poison!”

Maybe that could happen to me, if only someone could directly address claims such as the following

in the 1938–41 notebooks [Heidegger] speaks about “the tenacious skilfulness in calculating, hustling, and intermingling through which the worldlessness of Jewry is grounded,” blaming “world Jewry” for the groundlessness of modernity.

Leftists refuse to have a conversation about it.

“That groundlessness is a good thing, and here’s why…”

Never going to happen, so this is a solitary endeavor, for my own enlightenment as it were.

Back to Agnon- this is about one of his novels set in early 1900s Galicia

Maybe the US would’ve been better off if jewry listened to types like Buber and Scholem, and gained a renewed interest in religion. My question is, is there something to the inner-logic of Hasidism that leads to secularism and nihilism? Was this what the Gaon warned about in their substitution of text-study for prayer? When they promote their malignant social justice religion is that a form of “neo-prayer” that is severed from the wisdom of tradition?

Like I’ve said, an outsider has not written a study on Hasidism to my knowledge. The closest thing is that writing of Elista’s I showed you yesterday. So this is going to be highly speculative for some time, and I invite the news-reading masses to wonder freely about it without fear of sounding stupid. This is the chrysalis of much of the media you’ve consumed throughout your life so it’s probably worth understanding the nature of it.

It’s possible that Agnon is a redemptive figure, and that if he had been listened to then not much antisemitism would exist today.

It could be that the telos of the jews’ rootlessness has finally led them to uprooting themselves from their own tradition. And they’ve uprooted the goyim with them, severing both of us from the wisdom of the centuries.

Remember Bashevis has a similar theme to the following as well- Eastern Europe wasn’t a paradise before the shoah

An internal conflict within the soul of jewry, and I’m not sure their better nature won out.

Isn’t it ironic that today they perceive Yahweh as a Nazi?

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