I keep laughing about that from recently, the Russian calling Heidegger not some lost person, but a real fascist, who should’ve been put in prison. You wouldn’t be flattered to be called a real fascist?

Let’s see what this real fascist was talking about in 1944

You could easily spend a couple years on each of these lecture-courses that he has, so don’t take my casual reading of them as a ἐπιστήμη of them.

Heidegger was patently living in the future already. He was a living overman.

Are the Chinese capable of producing such a person? Only with genetic engineering if I had to guess. I don’t say this to be mean, I say it to help. Do you care about ἐπιστήμη?

I told you, he’s always in pure fundamentals

What is ‘logic’? It is the ἐπιστήμη λογική : the science of λόγος and what pertains to λόγος . ἐπιστήμη means: the understanding of something.

This is from a course on the logos of Heraclitus. Logic is the reflection about reflection. It’s the ἐπιστήμη of thinking.

All my Hitlerian comrades should pay heed to this- that Heidegger’s “speeches” and Adolf’s were going on at the same time in the same country. What is a “real fascist”?

thinking is itself the love, the love for what is “most alive,”… Love—a kind of thinking? Or, indeed, is thinking a kind of love?

Heidegger himself is one of these “most alive” types. As Buber said of Agnon- We love him.

Maybe you’re similar to me and think that Nietzsche is kind of.. amateur’s hour? I was reading his 1886 notebooks earlier and this is the thought I had. If you’ve been reading me for a while then you have an advanced understanding of his thought, probably the equivalent of 5 PhDs- not bragging, that’s just how it is with our fallen education system. If I’ve ever given you depression, that’s why- it’s a densely-packed conveyance of a true genius. My point here though is that Heidegger is greater than Nietzsche in certain ways, so if you’re looking to go even “further”, that’s who I’d suggest, out of anyone.

Evola, Strauss, they’re at least in the same ballpark. They’re who you read when you’re feeling lazy though. Heidegger demands pure concentration. A lot of days I don’t have that myself, so I’m not trying to accuse you. Oh, you wanted to have that conversation, of what a REAL fascist is?

ἐπιστήμη is the historical origin of Occidental science and of the Occidental forms of knowledge in general

My favorite German Jews were only remarkable because they wrote within the horizon of ἐπιστήμη, instead of their backward shtetl echo-chamber.

“They’re NAZI-Jews, that’s what you mean!” ἐπιστήμη-Jews?

All Euros know the story of Noah, so why is this other-way-around so taboo?

Something to reflect on about Heidegger though is that before and during the war he was not living in the type of “ZOG” that we are used to. Nietzsche went insane the year Heidegger was born, and his lucid writings were mainstreamed after that time. This was a fertile ground for Heidegger to be a cozy professor which Nietzsche never was, and conduct philology, among other ἐπιστήμη, in a more Apollonian manner. Hence he has a thousand pages on Kant rather than simply dismissing him as the Chinaman of Königsberg. Countless examples of this. If there is ONE person, Heidegger is the legitimate reincarnation of Nietzsche.

Yeah, I’m a “fascist”, you true imbecile. I just like Greeks and Germans who you have no attention-span to read. To speak to you in a kabbalistic language you might understand, Hod and Nezach can only foggily perceive Da’at as “evil”.

Verily, the tradition from Hegel to Heidegger sees the Ein Soph as something that is close to Nezach.

It’s the chinks killing the Tibetans.

“Why are you so MEAN then?” That’s an exile-jew concept. In a non-gypsy world you would perceive people being “mean” as being fair.

It reminds me of what I said the other day about the difference between grammas and granpas. I don’t EXPECT women to have the capacity for Geburah. Only men for the most part can inflict harsh judgment without it being “painful” to them. To men that’s just natural and right to do that. The shekina is the real God of Judaism, it’s a Goddess. All harsh judgment needs to be abolished. This is what a gypsy exile thinks the divinity is.

[I interrupt you with this commercial break with some kind of herd-appeasing nonsense]

Yeah right. My “advertisements” are for laughing at you sorry lot. Maybe the TV companies need to try that out?

ἐπιστήμη ἠθική, ‘ethics,’ thought essentially and expansively, seeks to understand how the human abides in this sojourn amidst beings

The root meaning of science, logic, ethics, it must be a real fascist talking about that.

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