No wonder Contributions is so enigmatic

Somewhere around 40 courses to absorb before you’re even supposed to get to that text. Heidegger started writing the Contributions around the same age that Nietzsche went insane. Still, in my opinion, after the war H didn’t write/lecture on the same level as before, so his intellectual life was cut off in a way also. The later notebooks were only recently published, and maybe those will change my mind about that judgment.

Here is a crisper bibliography of his I just found.

I was looking for a secondary text on the courses themselves, rather than one on just one of the courses (of which there are many), to get one of those bird’s-eye-views that I like. It’s easily double 40 to absorb because you need exterior guidance for each of them. And if you think that’s timid you are just playing yourself. Or let me put it this way- the Plato course Arendt sat in, the Aristotle courses Strauss sat in? At least they had their fellow students to converse with and H himself to consult, about the course material. If you’re some kind of right-wing NEET without people with similar interests then secondary texts on the courses simulate the experience of having a smart classmate to talk to.

When people talk about “tradition” I don’t think they have this one in mind, and I would have to say it’s the genuine one. And it’s not one someone like Guenon knew much about. The Hindus, Guenon? Give me a break. That’s just typical Frenchie ethnomasochism.

Further, there’s actually “triple” the 40 in that so many of them are ON other books. So- the primary text, Schelling’s Treatise on Freedom say, THEN Heidegger’s lectures on it, THEN a secondary text ON those lectures. I say this with the full awareness that I’m going to die someday, by the way. When you learn the basics of H as a teenager you’re always thinking about death, duh. This seems like a wise way to spend one’s time given the fact that life is so fleeting. This is how a real fascist thinks at least.

Hmm did I just find the bird’s-eye-view I was looking for?

One drawback of reading lecture courses is that you can’t ask Heidegger questions. But trust me, if you were actually there, you probably would have been too intimidated to say anything anyway. 

I would have the cajones to question him about his Nietzsche interpretation, that’s about it.

Niggerworld is so pathetic, I’m probably talking to a brick wall right now.

Over a period of about 60 years his total output amounts to around 45,000 pages and 10,000 letters.

This is the truth

In Heidegger’s lectures we were often so personally touched that we no longer knew whether he was speaking of his own concern or that of Aristotle.

What’s the subtext here anyway? That he gave many of these lectures while kikes were being murdered in gas chambers is only a bonus, I swear. My monkey readers only hate me because they know that Jews allow them to demonstrate every one of the 7 deadly sins within five minutes of each other, without blame. What total niggers. “Those 7 aren’t real.” Okay, nigger.

Seriously though, I was thunderstruck by him before I knew or thought much about politics.

Anyway, what kinds of freaks of nature have done that “triple 40” and THEN read the Contributions? I thought I was a nerd, and I’ve only done like 1/3rd that.

It’s the last Shining of the German Renaissance, so take all this how you want.

This is what H says of his students in 1922

Not a single decent question gets posed

Reminds me of my reflections on historiography, kabbalah, Plato, all the rest. Muh dik! Even white guys do that sometimes. Can you not embarrass yourself? What kind of plane of reality do you have to be on to talk about Biden? That’s another one. Total retards everywhere. Medically speaking- retards.

For an even crisper bibliography, this one is divided into categories, for instance-

Wut is this, look at this madman

Heidegger also taught skiing lessons as well

Anyway, how does someone end up like him?

Here are the courses he himself took when he was 20

Just a normal, casual winter. This is also the same year he began reading Husserl. Did he have time for skiing amidst all that? Knowing him, probably.

If the Germans weren’t so demonized today we could probably improve our own education-system by learning from their old one. My point here is that in the meantime you can just sit in Heidegger’s classes if you want- it’s like an “Atlantean School”. One taught by Nietzsche’s (albeit less wild) reincarnation.

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