One of the only people I see as approximate equals to me in the world is Dugin so sometimes I like to look at a picture of his and wonder what he might be thinking, given that he couldn’t say it if he wanted to.

Part of him believes in keeping the secret.

“You’re writing this from an insane asylum.” So what if I am?

Russians have a split spirit between wanting to kill us out of jealousy and feeling themselves better than us, and I can relate to them on both fronts.

If you bring up the Nazis or Fascists Dugin feels like you are murdering his own family. That doesn’t need to be the case. The question to answer is, was Bolshevism natural to the Russian people? From my observation it was not, so it was a mistake for the Nazis to see the Russians the way they did.

At the same time! the Russians should acknowledge why Marx afflicted their country first before any others.

These serious questions are the responsibility of the wisest man in Russia, who I take to be Dugin.

“Why was communism so easy in Russia, why was it so easy for us to be Jewed??”

Either question can be answered. Until then the clouds have a Hitler mustache.

Something I’ve been smirking about lately anyway is that if Dugin got a DNA test he’d probably be half-German or something.

One can only be so lucky to be the product of Nazi rape.

I’m just kidding, don’t take it too seriously!

My serious observation though is that Dugin’s relation to Asia compromises his pursuit of truth.

Even if he’s 1/10th Asian from the Mongols or whatever, that causes a leveling in the realm of philosophy. There’s a defense of the niggers in Dugin that can only be explained through his west-asia-betweeness.

You are not yellow, you are white! It is impossible for an Asian to be a Dostoevsky. Stop larping!

“So you’re a disgusting racist, what are you getting at?” Honestly? If Dugin embraced being a Nazi he could create paradigm-shifts. He’s the only one of the “children of Heidegger” I know of who is worthwhile.


Dugin is an old man, there are things he can’t see. Traditionalism in the non-ideological sense allows them to be young again in a sense. This is how we repay them for teaching us so much.

“I don’t need you to be young.” Prove it then, RUSSIAN.

I see what makes you Asiatic and it’s not good. Better to muse on your hated Germans. Try, old man.

Don’t think I don’t see through you every step of the way if you try to be anything less than a philosopher as great as Heidegger.

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