Let’s begin charitably and look at “them” in a sympathetic light

who, through tikun, puts the end of the Exile, the historical exile of the Community of Israel, and that inner exile in which all things groan…

Lurianism is a form of Gnosticism. I think lots of people have that feeling once in a while, that the earth isn’t really their home, that it’s somehow a prison that they’re trapped in. And maybe these Lurians do have good intentions sometimes in wanting to relieve the problem of “universal exile”.

I did a search for gilgul, a key kabbalistic term, at shekina.mybb and found a few posts from Franki that I suggest you reread even if you’ve already read them, because he’s so far ahead in “chess” (as he calls it) that one can’t expect to grasp what he says in one go- it requires a complete reorientation of the “American” way of thinking.

Here is a genealogy from him

At one point he asks the rhetorical question, How does a vampire understand “restoration of cosmic harmony”? I.e. Tikkun. Quite humorous, AND kind of scary.

If someone is deranged they have a strange idea of “harmony”.

So we’ve quickly moved away from the sympathetic light. Let’s put these two views together now. The question is what are the Jews exiled FROM? What is this harmonious messianic age they believe in? Is it really harmony to others, or is it just a vampire’s idea of harmony?

If they see other people as fellow exiles to some extent, what is the nature of the “spiritual Israel” that they want to help them “return” to?

Let’s think of it sympathetically again. Pure innocence is that “Israel”. Mercy in other words. Being what you are without blame. That’s not such a bad idea on the surface, right? Well, what if who you are is a vampire?

“Exile” is being judged for being a vampire or some other contemptuous type of person, and “return from exile” is being perceived as innocent for being that way.

Or to put it differently, any kind of vice you can think of is praised. Finally- you’ve been in exile as a person who does that vice, and now with the Jews you are being praised for it, and thus you have “returned to Israel” your true home.

The most obvious example that not many people will dispute is Jewish greed. In ZOG they are finally free from the “exile” of being judged for that. They’re good now. They didn’t give up the greed, they just stopped it from being called bad. Any vice you can think of this applies to.

Something less obvious than the greed is what I’ve termed goblin-mode, which is in part a mean-spiritedness. This vice of theirs is also forgiven, shown “total mercy”. And that’s arguably one of the main drivers behind this behavior of theirs for “returning the exiles to Israel”. It’s out of spite. It’s the vice of mean-spirited spite that is behind this mercy. The other side of the coin is that this mercy is really about hating the people without the vices.

The Christian lands were the “true Israel”, and now morality has been inverted.

Within this electronic concentration camp, when I see the occasional anon before they’re banned, that is when I feel I am “returning from exile”.

And the Jewish puppets WITH SOMETHING TO HIDE feel like I’m putting them in exile when they read me here.

So they have to run off somewhere and find some cope-materials in order to “return to Israel”.

For the tenth time, I invite you to examine the 7 deadly sins. That’s just the basics of what I mean by “vice”. Returning to Israel just means feeling blameless in indulging in one of those sins or others.

A white man looking at you like you’re a piece of crap is the feeling of exile. Hence they want to get rid of us, because we represent exile to them.

The healthy reality is symbolized in Dante’s inferno where people who have these vices experience hell, except in real life they then learn from their mistakes through that hell, through that feeling of exile. With the Jews they don’t learn from their mistakes because “mistakes” are a non-existent concept.

Oh, did I put you in exile with the above?

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