Alright kid I’m going to tell you some things, maybe you’ll listen. The idea is to figure out how to get around them and create an Antiversity. For the past close to two years now the feds have filled my house with bugs that have caused me sleep-deprivation. They want you to not have any consciousness, you need to get out of their domain of influence. They will also put cameras in your home and monitor you. Further, they will use plausibility-of-deniability system shills to denigrate your image through all of it. More than that, they will use celebrities to do that. It’s all part of the “sin-racket” and expect normie-retards to joyously take part in it too. They will stalk you, gangstalk you, and never admit it. This is because you decide to say the truth. They will use AI bots to convince everyone the only reason you talk about the totalitarian system is because your penis is small. Meanwhile they will continue filling your house with bugs. And my advice to you, fellow traveler? Continue studying the history of philosophy. If anyone is complicit in the above they are not worth seeing as a person. I only respect the wisemen of the centuries. No one will save you. The bugs will eat you, the bots and shills will continue symbolically cutting your dick off for questioning their sin-racket. Young man! This is what you have to deal with. No one will be your friend, you will get no money and no sex. Know what the mystery is? I see something beyond all of that. Malnourished, frumpy-prole-lookin, forced into an embarrassing tub job. There’s something beyond rabble opinion. I hope to show you through my example of sacrifice that all these “friends” and “women” and “jews” will not be around if you decide to tell the truth. That’s on you alone. Therefore, when they are around you should wonder if they actually care about anything important. Because if you were to decide to be a truth-seeker they’d be gone in the blink of an eye. This is my message to you, soldier.

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