Lots of room for future synthesis here, which is currently next-to-nonexistent as far as I know

There’s recurrent debate in the reactosphere on “Were the Nazis pagans or christians?” and “Were the fascists pagans or christians?” and my thought is, who cares, what’s most important is “Was the smartest Nazi a pagan or a christian?” and “Was the smartest fascist a pagan or a christian?” And this of course is about Heidegger and Evola.

And now you might be wondering, So, what were their religions? They had their own religions, they were “supermen”.

That’s a question for another time. What’s interesting to me about this constellation of rightists is that they represent a form of Knowledge foremost, rather than politics.

The reason syntheses don’t exist (outside of Dugin who is a “cautious” writer) is because the US sees them as “an evil conglomerate”. Conservatives and liberals in our country are all leftists compared to these thinkers. They look at them and they don’t even have the thought to try to synthesize them.

I emphasize- this is about Knowledge, not politics, fundamentally.

This is something in the “universal mind” that is hidden because no one seeks to unravel it.

The “plebeian telos” sees these thinkers as something discarded and rotten. For some of us they represent radiance and solidity. And yet, I’ve never seen attempts to perfect them by synthesizing them together.

I’ve only done this in a scattered way so far, and I’m only giving hints to others here for now.

Heidegger is an “elitist’s elitist”. He only focuses on the Truest Minds of history. That’s fine and good. The problem is, his fellow-travelers also express certain dimensions of the truth that he doesn’t. And the flipside of that is Heidegger expresses truth that they don’t.

I think the utter dominance of the liberals after the war has led to this lack of synthesis, and we are now only blinking our eyes from sleep at the possibility of it.

You can fault me for arrogance or something when I say that when you scan the contemporary right there is a certain elitism lacking. They tend not to proceed from the Minds mentioned above. If you’re lucky they know Neech, or say in Yarvin’s case, Carlyle. I think this is because the Axis Powers are still taboo and people want to “make their way” with the murderous liberals. Also, simply, because they’re stupid and aren’t able to distinguish “what’s good”.

Just step back for a second and think about this- the smartest Nazi and the smartest Fascist. There’s no synthesis of their thought that you know of.

Guenon and Schmitt, who knows what’s possible there?

I’ll always remember how my high school English teacher justified the importance of reading- he said it helps you make connections.

No, not like networking connections, quite the opposite in fact!

If these connections are put together they will lead to higher connections and higher connections, beyond what the left could ever dream of.

I say this as someone who scrolls through recent academic publications on a daily basis for a while now. A book on Jünger and Evola would be awesome. I’d NEVER expect to see that. And yet, there are some I bet who have three ideas pop up just at the thought of it. We need to have our own academy, and these are the central minds that have been named above. I mean, another question is “Aristotle Looking at Heidegger from the Right”, etc. This literature is nonexistent. And that sucks, it makes life boring. “Hasidism from the Standpoint of Schmitt”. Endless syntheses I can think of, and where are they? Nowhere. You get the jew Wolfson writing a book on Kabbalah and Heidegger, like that’s trustable at all. No book on Jünger and Nietzsche exists in English despite the fact that Jünger was closer to Nietzsche than any of these French jews that they write endlessly about.

Wouldn’t your life be better if you saw more of these syntheses? “Aquinas and Kabbalah from a Non-Shitlib Perspective”. My intention in criticizing current event enjoyers isn’t to be mean, it’s to gesture to this kind of possibility. I’m always doing this in my freetime. “The Dramas of Richard Wagner from a Lurianic Perspective” – yeah, I want that too!

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