Looking at the 100th of 102 installments of H’s complete works that probably won’t be translated into English for a while. The notebooks from the 50s.

It begins with a Latin quote from Goethe

He wanted this published almost 50 years after he died? Just a normal thing a person does. “What one does.”

This is the last thing our establishment wants, HENCE I’m doing it.

There are three notebooks, the first two are titled Vigiliae which translates to “vigil” and the third is titled Notturno which translates to “night”. Isn’t vigil a word they use that means staying awake to watch over someone who’s dying?

Rumblings before a thunderstorm hopefully-

one escapes into a dogmatic superior “salvation history” [Heilsgeschichte] – which feeds no less on the history of a Bible interpretation [Bibelauslegung] that closes its eyes to its own behavior

Imagine believing our zeitgeist is “secular” in any way. It’s no coincidence that secular Jews still tend to openly identify as Jews. “Yeah, because my religion isn’t about God, it’s about destroying the goyim.” It’s revenge for first-world countries not emerging originally from Israel, revenge for refuting their chosen people claim. Now they biblically interpret history to redeem themselves as the chosen ones, even if at the expense of the salvation of everyone else in the world. Further, turn the true chosen ones into mud and they won’t be the chosen ones anymore. E-Z! It didn’t take even 100 years to already turn whites into mud psychologically.

It’s a dirty trick on H’s part to halt the publication of these notebooks. Let his seemingly innocent surface-thought seep into the minds of golems and jews for decades…. AND THEN! How diabolical!

Because if they were published right in 1945, say, there would have been a high likelihood he would’ve been instantly memory-holed. Innocent Heidegger is too dear to them now to do that. Seriously- around 2013 when they first started being published, academics just kept churning books out about him, seemingly unfazed. Diabolical.

Just going to leave this image here and let you guess what it’s from

Don’t think too much about it

“It’s not enough to interfere with our plans of planetary domination!” Just a night-watch.

Talk about “highly technical”

To carry the night-watch into the present you need to learn a language that can only be learned from those 40 so courses.

Here is a lexicon of the Greek words he uses.

How to think clearly.

As Elista says, “antisemitism” is just the ability to think clearly.

Das Unscheinbare der Bemerkungen,

I keep “thinking” back to something from his Heraclitus course

The human ‘thinks’ often and about many different things: however, the thoughts thus produced are not necessarily reliable. True thoughts, which are quite rare, do not arise out of self-produced thinking… True thoughts are thought toward the human and directed toward him, and only when he is in a correctly thoughtful disposition—i.e., when he is in a state of practiced readiness to think what approaches him as the to-be-thought.

His ideas about the meaning of “logic” are far from what you’d expect.

“You” don’t think. You are an antenna. You have to adjust yourself so you receive signals from something that isn’t you. “They” try to keep your antenna adjusted so that you only hear the moron-plane of country and rap. Ah but didn’t you know it’s possible to receive “platonisch-aristotelischen” signals? That probably sounds like nails on an Auschwitz wall, I mean chalkboard, to most people.

So, you might not have heard that the gods built a Sphinx east of the Rhine

Can you imagine that I have Jerusalemites that think of me as a friend? What is that about? I never can understand it. They must have secret thoughts about their fellow Yids. The “yiddish music” plane of thought… An expensive hurdy-gurdy if I had to guess.

ווענט האָבן אויערן.

Hmm.. H’s enigmatic advice about Being and Time and the writings after

One remains as far away as possible from the actual path, which of course can only be guessed at from the conversation with the earliest tradition. But even the writings that were published later still keep silent about the real thing, even more knowingly.


The logos, rather than the mythos of the Torah.

Not only the mythos of the Torah. The mythos of the contemporary “secular” Bibelauslegung hurdy-gurdy versus ἀλήθεια.

ער קוקט מיט די אויגן, הערט מיט די אויערן, און פֿאַרשטייט ווי די וואַנט.

The uncanniness of thoroughly mechanized publicity

There is ONLY talk to a “mechanism”. I.e. the machination.

The Idea of their salvation-history hovers above them and turns them into objects of “its will”. Only the wall’s ears are listening to this.

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