How he tries to restore the Heraclitus vase- bouncing a few or more fragments off each other at a time

Between the effects of the Saxon primate Lincoln and the Rothschild exiles there’s no saving the people here–their ressentiments have entwined and infected the core of the people. In each individual there’s only a shard left, if they’re lucky. I mostly consider myself writing in a private notebook here at this point. I am continuing to pursue the project of chiseling out an aristocratic society-within-a-society (again, Heidegger is an “elitist’s elitist” ahahaha).

Heraclitus was known as “the Obscure” even when his writings were still intact, so go from there.

Let’s just start with the surface-detail of this


The “ἀ” is similar to the “a” in “atheism”. ἀ negates λήθή. λήθή means “concealment”. So it’s kind of like “aconcealment”. Greek citizens were expected to be in λήθή. Socrates got the hemlock for his ἀ-λήθή, or ἀλήθεια, aletheia. Aletheia is also a goddess, who it’s debated, was either the daughter of Zeus or Prometheus.

They presupposed concealment as everyday reality. We, on the other hand, tend to approach it more optimistically than that, less cynically. It often results in awkwardness if you verbally presuppose concealment in our culture. And yet, how often do people lie? I’d have to diagnose our culture as one that is a “pathological liar”. I’ve noted before the absurd levels this goes to- people within their own homes are politically correct to each other. There’s no panopticon forcing them to do it- their natural state is concealment, and further, concealment of concealment, because if you even hint that something is PC then the illusion is destroyed, like when you spot an unintended blooper in a movie.

For the Greeks, concealed implied remaining concealed. If your spouse said some sugary deceptive prog boilerplate would you be able to interpret them as “remaining concealed”? Or if a professor at a podium did it? No, you see them as “telling the truth”. The Greeks were different from us. And yes, here I AM speaking of the Athens versus Jerusalem conflict. Judaeo-Christianity and its cladistic modern offshoots have led us to concealing concealment, and not even being aware of it.

I am speaking of something that is more than just a mere “custom”. This is a law that’s so fundamental it precedes any of the written laws we have. Those Greeks are barbarians for not subscribing to this law, this law of “acknowledged implicit concealment”. That’s why people think I’m an ANIMAL, because I’m GREEK. I approach reality knowing full well how much is concealed.

“Leave me ALONE! Let me HIDE!” No, you little spiritual jew.

Hmm I wonder why the Straussians never talk about said conflict this way. Oh yeah, because they tend to be jews, and thus in hiding.

Not to get obscure, Yarvin’s idea of “formalism” is probably some pagan celtic “atavism” from his Scottish side, just a guess just a guess.

IS Aletheia a goddess that a Jew would be capable of worshiping? As she is aimed at the goyim whom they wish to erode, yes. Not at or toward themselves. A secretive, shifty, gypsy people. Oh excuse me, here I go again being an animal for deconcealing that. What is concealed in our zeitgeist is not only the nature of the jew, it’s the nature of the “product of their creation”. The fact that their product (the goy’s empty spiritual lifeworld) is botched is as concealed as the perfidious nature of the jew.

What is that well-known line from the Zarathustra-

I will soon bring your hiding-places to the light: therefore do I laugh in your face my laughter of the height.

This is a German thing (to be Greek). The French in being progs are concealment-concealers. See the most obvious case of Kant’s doctrine of radical honesty.

We’re trying to put the vase together

It is also the “battle being the lord of all things” that is one with the goddess Aletheia. This is an illegal goddess when understood properly. Judaeo-Christian-Moderns can’t resist interpreting Aletheia in a way that conceals it. Imperial epistemology let’s call it. And this is the fate of any “Athenian” that finds themselves in the west of today.

Or let’s put the vase together another way- the One calls itself both Zeus and Fire, and they only let the face of Zeus to be seen. The battle for deconcealment is concealed. This is most prominently so as it pertains to the “salvation-history” (a.k.a. “Zeus”) mentioned earlier.

the setting-apart-from-each-other (the lighting), manifests some of those present as gods, others as men, and brings some forward into appearance as slaves and others as free.

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