Still looking at these notebooks that aren’t in English yet. He refers to the struggle for the government of the earth [Erdregierung]

The philosophy of religion is about Erdregierung, earthgovernment.

I don’t care if no one else is talking about these notebooks. What else is new, I’m the only one talking about something.

Remember, the word “struggle” he means in the Heraclitean sense of battle or war

The struggle for the power that represents modern humanity with its creatures is the struggle for the establishment of this power by whom? for what?

We know by whom. The answer to “for what?” is foggier. They will use platitudes to tell you “for what”. I am not content with those. Slogans conceal. Nice-sounding words conceal. The question is, what is the Erdregierung DOING. What is the for what of the Erdregierung.

Is an answer to this possible? I bet if we TRY we can at least get half an answer. And no one seems to try. So they don’t even have half an answer.

If you know keywords in the German you can sometimes ctrl+f them. Some PDFs of the notebooks are online. Here, here, here, and here.

Look at this sweet summer child in 1942

Suppose that the “Jewish” has completely seized control everywhere

“Hypothetically”, let’s “suppose” that this has happened. What does H suggest?

From here it is possible to gauge what it means for thinking about the hidden essence of the history of the West to remember the first beginnings in Greece, which remained outside of Judaism and that is, Christianity.

How to be an alien when the “Jewish” [Jüdische] has seized control everywhere.

He says when everything is Jüdische vs. Jüdische the peak of self-annihilation in history will be reached. Well there are still anons so we’re not quite there yet.

Oblivion – Vergessenheit

Occident – Abendland

He says more important than talking about the Occident is to BE Occidental [abendländisch]. He contrasts this with Berechnung, calculation, and Machenschaft, machination. Or are you approaching these very concepts in a Jüdische way?

The fact that goals, values, instructions, and contributions are calculated… shows the way in which history has already been relegated to unhistory.

I deserve the electric chair for agreeing with him here, I guess?

Maybe “another beginning” is still possible.

That was his idea that he bequeathed to posterity at least. And no one is allowed to talk about it in any direct way whatsoever. I expect mostly only Jüdische eyes to be reading this and fantasizing about me in an electric chair for even proposing the possibility.

“There’s no difference between being berechnend and being abendländisch, because essences aren’t real, and you’re a dinosaur if you believe they are!” What if you were only taught that by berechnend people? What if you were only reading this with Machenschaft? I don’t think it is merely hypothetical. I think there’s a GOOD CHANCE that you are.

Anyway, it’s imprecise to call Heidegger “the smartest Nazi” because he eventually saw the National Socialists as another instantiation of Machenschaft in the history of being, all forms of modern dictatorship being rooted in Judaeo-Christianity. And this of course is arguably what our “earthgovernment” is as well.

I think another beginning is possible because that is what I exist in personally myself.

Think of two things together, this

Machenschaft, “machination,” names the processes that objectify the world of Dasein and that render this a matter of lived experience (Erlebnis)… Machenschaft thus produces beings understood in terms of what can be “made” (macht) by the power (Macht) of the will.

and this

The Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda was full of the fact that there is an anonymous money power in Manhattan that controls everything.

The machinators make machinators, and these minions make other minions, who mutually-reinforce each other, until there is only the Jüdische versus the Jüdische, and no outside, nothing left of the abendländisch.

Fortunately there is a “night-watchman” who represents the abendländisch

The last four there were only published half a year ago. Only the first fourteen are in English at the moment.

I’ve said before that if the Axis Powers had prevailed my theory is that H would be seen the way we see “Einstein” today. Who could know for sure? This is just my theory.

Whoa, someone has a book on Berechnung

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