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Ἐνέργεια is perhaps the most fundamental being-character in Aristotle’s doctrine of being.

I’m taking up the interest I expressed yesterday of learning Greek, and might as well begin with the highest notions. Ἐνέργεια means “energy”. Is it so different from the way we understand it today? I’m going to try to find out. Thankfully this H text has script that allows me to copy+paste to google, because some texts only paste in Latin script, and then the text itself is impossible to understand.

ζωή πρακτική is determined as ψυχῆς ἐνέργεια

Life Practical is determined as Soul Energy

And I’m already certain that none of those words translate directly into English. What are their REAL meanings?

Why is energy more fundamental than life or soul for Aristotle?

Educated Europeans didn’t even know Greek from the year 500 until the Renaissance, between those years they only knew Latin. Furthermore the New Testament was written in Koine Greek, a more simplistic dialect than the Attic Greek Aristotle wrote in. Who knew better what Soul Energy was?

The root-word of energy is ἔργον. Google and H have vastly different translations of that. The first says it means work, task, deed, action, the second says it means genuine achievement and concern. I’m just going to trust H for now. (Like I said, there are tons of secondary texts on H&A if you want to see quibbles 100 years after this lecture-course.)

ἔργον is limited by its τέλος [telos]. This is its κίνησις [motion] toward the ἀγαθóν [good]. Ευδαιμονία [Eudaimonia] is this telos. Ευδαιμονία is usually translated as happiness. If energy’s motion toward what it’s concerned with as good is genuinely achieved the being will be happy? That’s how I parse it so far. So if you aren’t happy it’s because you aren’t in motion toward what you’re concerned with as good. Ah man, so that’s why I’m not happy- because I’m not living life like Adolf, makes sense.

I guess I’m achieving the Greek ideal at least

the radical basic possibility of being-there, is, for the Greeks, βίος θεωρητικóς: the life whiled away in pure contemplation.

Remember, it was Machiavelli who broke with Aristotle here and made the ideal more practical/political.

Anyway, energy is only one part of being-there. I think you’re going to be surprised how ψυχή [soul] is defined. It’s basic aspects are κρίνειν and κινεῖν. According to google, κρίνειν means to distinguish, judge, separate, and κινεῖν means to set into motion. According to H, κρίνειν means “setting apart and determining” and κινεῖν means “moving-itself”.

Think of these things in the context of the better-known ideas of Aristotle, that human beings are the animal of language, the rational animal, and the political animal.

Every “energy” is limited by its telos, so language, rationality, and politics are going to vary and thus happiness will vary. The good an energy-soul’s self-motion is concerned with varies. Or in other words, for happiness everyone doesn’t need to speak pure rationality in the political sphere, they’re happier with less than that, because that’s the telos-being that they are. Strauss attended these lectures by the way. He got pretty close to speaking pure rationality in the political sphere, because that was the telos of his energy-soul’s self-motion toward happiness. What is yours?

Reflect on this in the context of the pessimistic thoughts H had. Within the “planetary Jerusalem”, spiritual Greeks will feel an excessive limiting of their self-motion toward their telos and thus won’t have Eudaimonia.

Let’s just go ahead and get antisemitic. κρίνειν, again meaning distinguish, judge, separate. This is one of the two basic parts of the soul according to Aristotle. In the “Age of Moshiach” that is considered evil. The other basic aspect of the soul, “moving-itself” thus isn’t able to move itself. Its very moving is a distinguishing. Machination makes these “non-beings” that are “soulless”.

It’s not a “horror story”, it’s real life.

Wasn’t I just talking about how “there be dragons”

λóγος vs. φωνή if you want to google it. I’m willing to bet that the only response to this very post would be a prog-animal’s φωνή.

“You you you are uh uh DISTINGUISHING, and that is EVIL!” φωνή speaks!

If you had depression this is not even something a therapist would be allowed to tell you. That it’s because politically λóγος is illegal. According to Aristotle, speaking with others is what fundamentally constitutes being human. If φωνή is the only telos the energy-soul is allowed to self-move toward then it won’t have eudaimonia.

One of the many reasons they’ve been removing him from the curriculum.

I’m only 10 pages into this H book above and I’m already ready to throw up. I think the people who say If only you knew how bad things really are don’t understand how bad things really are.

Let’s return to the initial statement

ζωή πρακτική is determined as ψυχῆς ἐνέργεια

H’s point is that something went wrong in the interpretation of being, and that’s how we ended up with this “beings being abandoned by being”. The Judaeo-Christians and their modern descendants interpreted the meaning of the energy-soul incorrectly. And now it’s so entrenched it’s nearly impossible to even have a discussion about the real meaning of truth, ἀλήθεια. Mostly only machinaters reading this right now, calculating a way to make this distinguishing look evil with an animal-cry.

Warning warning screech warning warning ba-aa-aah warning warning. This isn’t a favorable feeding place if the feed is telling you what the nature of soul is and that it’s suppressed by design due to an exile people’s botched interpretation of the meaning of being warning warning warning.

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