An investigation into the mystery of Daath

Da’at is a sephira that appeared some years after the Zohar was written.

The Sefer Yetzirah, the earliest Kabbalistic text–which is speculated to be anywhere from 5000 to 1100 years old–discusses ten sephirot. Da’at is a new, eleventh one.

Goy Qabbalists will talk about Da’at a lot differently than Jew Kabbalists. I have a hunch that the latter are guarded about it.

Let’s see how Wolfson characterizes it in his Chabad book, Open Secret

the innermost element of secrecy entails the expansion of consciousness, designated by the technical term da‘at

For those in the tradition of the Golden Dawn this is a very innocent way of talking about it.

Let’s just take a random example from one of Kenneth Grant’s books

for only by projecting consciousness through Daath, the Gate of the Abyss, can one enter the Kingdom of infernal spaces

For occultists Da’at tends to be a “trapdoor” that leads to regions of evil. You can think of that either in terms of psychology or theology.

Remember that “ChaBaD” stands for Chokhmah-Binah-Da’at.

The Besht was a magician. Idel says that the Tzaddiq in general was a “shamanic” figure.

I’ll just go ahead and directly quote Liebes again

I’m not going to draw any definitive conclusions just yet. It’s facile to accuse one’s enemy of “worshiping evil” (even if they openly admit it like in the above). Liebes talks about it as “activating forces” (of defilement) which is similar to Grant’s conception.

Still, it hits different when you see a Jew say it

only by having one’s soul cling (in relationship, not by way of fusion or absorption) to a supernal (or infernal) force is it possible to affect that force and work through it.

Wolfson continues to frame Da’at innocently in Open Secret. He uses the word interchangeably with “knowledge”. From what Liebes says above I think we have justification to trust Grant’s less reticent descriptions of this “knowledge”.

in occult tradition it is the place at which the eight-headed dragon of the deep disappeared behind the Tree when it scaled it in an unsuccessful attempt to strike at the very heart of god-head

Yes, the chosen people, the Demiurge’s chosen people.

“Eight-headed dragon? Saturn? That sounds COOL, what’s not to like?”

I remind you that some depict it as an eleven-headed dragon. “Whoa, even COOLER, where do I sign up??” Uhhh any media corporation’s career website?

Not to sound like a “schizo” or something but I see Da’at as an unstable portal that unleashes demons into the world if it is not tended to properly.

I don’t buy the yarmulke nine candle bullshit, I SEE this about Jews. I can tell that it is just part of their nature to meddle with these forces, and it’s so normal for them they probably don’t even realize it. A Jewess is a witch. I’m not trying to be polemical. Yeah, it’s a witch. No better word for it. There’s nothing “cool” about it. It’s someone who’s evil, a rotten apple. One that looks shiny and ripe on the outside.

There are ways to explain this in a mystical way.

Here is Wolfson again- it makes me laugh like a madman to see a minion of the Demiurge distorting reality in this way

The unstable demonic portal is what they define simply as “knowledge”.

If you think kabbalists and occultists are just a “collection of wackjobs” then I remind you of Nietzsche’s Genealogy where he describes the inversion of morality carried out by the Hebrews. If you need some “legitimate” authority.

As for me, I don’t mind learning from Grant about this also.

“That’s rude! That’s RACIST!” Yes, yes it is.

I hope you understood what I was saying about Aristotle yesterday. Reality is a horror story. The bad guys won. Earth is a lost cause, this happens to lots of planets probably.

“WE’RE the good ones, we’re the PURE ones!” Okay kike.

Anyway, in this one book of Grant’s the word “Daath” is mentioned 209 times, and Grant has lots of books. He can get pretty loopy so don’t think I endorse everything he says. Still, I think there’s a secret side of Kabbalah to be learned from him.

Da’at is a VORTEX that they’re trying to pull all of the goyim down into with them.

This, if you think about Jews at all (and they prefer you not to think of them at all or ever even say the word “Jew”), is how they want you to see them

Their actual psychology more accurately looks like this

This is the true meaning of the Genealogy

This has flipped

A golem is someone who has already been vortexed into Da’at and consequently sees it this way


Ḥabad follows a perspective that can be traced as far back as the thirteenth century, when some kabbalists began counting the ten sefirot with Ḥokhmah or Maḥashavah, adding Da‘at in place of Keter.

That exile just made them worse and worse. They could never get over the sin of the Golden Calf. Just coping and more coping, praying to the dark planet Saturn.

These warlocks want to put a curse on your family for ten generations if you talk about any of this, that’s why people are too afraid to.

Let’s see how Grant indirectly talks about the JQ

The exaltation of the ego in Daath and its claim to be the Crown [Keter] is the blasphemy against godhead… By this act they banish themselves to the Desert of Set for the duration of an aeon; or, if profoundly committed to the averse hierarchy, they may maintain this shadow-sovereignty for ‘an aeon and an aeon and an aeon’

They’ve brought us into that desert with them. The “Kali Yuga” has human operatives that are running it.

What Heidegger was talking about in his notebooks yesterday, the peak of the self-annihilation of being when everyone is “the Jüdische versus the Jüdische”–not to sound crazy–that means there is no one there to repair the Da’at portal. Only Geburah can do that, and the Demiurge’s minions have made that the definition of evil in the minds of the vortexed golems.

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