We need more of this in the world

Being there and being true for people. Nah, that’s not how Being-True is meant above, it just sounds wholesome the other way.

I want to look at a truth a different way from Aristotle at the moment though

Das rite, H has writings on the NT in its original language. This should be good.

This is the word for salvation

Is salvation possible without knowing it in its original meaning? Well Jesus himself spoke Aramaic so there are multiple “recyclings”. Probably best to get to the MOST original though, right?

It would be pretty crazy if H did for certain Christian concepts what he did for pre-Socratic ones

Reading modern positions into it is to be avoided.

This is from the early 20s, could this possibly be a wink?

Christianity should be grounded from out of itself, without regard for pre-given forms of religion, such as the Jewish-pharasetical. Paul’s own religious position is to be constituted.
Significant! Complete break with the earlier past

For Paul it’s a matter of faith vs. law. He had an original experience (epiphany) that he holds higher than the historical tradition of Judaism.

Apparently he argues for this from within the rabbinical tradition of “speaking justly”. So, similar to the Sabbatean break with the past, except in less of a wackjob way.

The true meaning of the word “offense” here seems crucial to know

I think my readers know lots about nailing people to crosses wink wink, I wonder what religion they belong to wink wink wink. How could such kike-souls possibly understand such an “offense”?

H says we are not dealing here with a logical mode of argumentation.

This is what Paul contrasts law with

by believing what you hear

Kind of refreshing after all this cerebral Greek philosophy. Sometimes “country simple” is just the truth. By believing what you hear… that’s making me laugh.

Complete break with the Jewish past. I guess I’m a Christian in that sense.

As someone who obsessively studies philosophy this mode of reasoning is throwing me for a loop

Because it seems irrefutable.

“I don’t know nothin, and I don’t remember nothin!”

What, about, like, the Pale or the slave-trade or something?

Turning-toward vs. turning-away

Didn’t know these were close to synonyms

I don’t know ANYone like this

Who needs “logical argument”?

Alright, I’m done messing with you for now. H says the original meaning of these words was already lost in the medieval age, and especially so now. I’d only trust someone who wrote books on the hifalutin Attic Greek of Aristotle to make that judgment.

Ooh what could the originary version of this entail?

Any guesses?

Just kidding.

Do you think it could have anything to do with that “salvation” mentioned earlier? Nah, that’s just the empty talk of dinosaurs. All there is is “the god of this world” after all.

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