Do you see anything funny here?

Spoiler- make sure to put the word “democracy” in your non-democratic institute.

“That’s sick, you’re a sicko!” Uh no, democracy is just objectively wrong.

It’s a self-enclosed system, because “most people vote for democracy”.

No thanks. So this is a funny joke to begin this book. Look out for academics like this, because many of them are way too smart to have the politics they “seem” to have so I doubt those are their actual politics.

“I should’ve made this”

Nah, I’ve attracted and repelled exactly the type of people I wished to here. There are many more than you’d expect with an “anti-democratic sentiment”. It could easily be 49%, technically. I don’t think it’s 49%, maybe something like 30%. And like I said in my previous post, the percent cleaves as awareness gets more refined. People “find themselves” and realize they’re orcs with no attention-span or call to nobility.

I firmly believe in the effectiveness of “thought-experiments”. This is like western Zen in my opinion. One that I suggest is to close your eyes and call yourself a believer in democracy.

Something “out-of-joint” might occur when you do that.

Laughter tends to be the confirmation of whether one’s intuition finds an idea absurd or not.

So from there we can “cleave” toward something that a decreasing amount of people find humor in.

At certain levels this isn’t some kind of “game”.

If you keep going far enough eventually you put yourself in God’s judgment, and he is the true “elitist’s elitist”.

Thus, when anyone hates an elitist you can interpret that as hating God, in other words the ground of being.

Democracies vote against the ground of being, that’s their nature.

I have an education-system in mind where even the bioleninists could someday realize these things but alas they keep me redacted.

Let me just clue you in here. The hippies are the result of a failed shamanic initiation. We are still living within this polluted boomer horizon. There’s a way we could re-do it.

Sorry to tell you, it’s not going to happen through a “free-for-all”, I for one imagine corporal punishment. They need to have mystical experience plus knowledge from the tradition combined together. The hippies dispensed with all tradition, hence boomers and their descendants are all the same way today. This leaves people vulnerable to the vampires of capital. These money-collectors take the place of Aristotle in the minds of the people.

Note another layer of this- hating the wealthy is another pitfall. This follows (ironically) from the exiles’ worldview. Anyone “good” should be hated. Oftentimes the wealthy deserve their wealth. Just keep this in mind when I refer to the vampires of capital. It’s like hating someone for driving a Porsche or hating Stanford just because they’re better than you. That is the LAST thing this place is about. We want good people driving those Porsches and attending Stanford, that’s the difference.

For that goal I think people would be pretty misled if I pretended to believe in modern democracy.

Pretty much anyone on the right believes in democracy if they’re not thoroughgoing misanthropes. They’re still hippies that are untethered from the tradition and closer to the modern herd.

I only speculate that it’s theoretically possible for the mystical experience combined with tradition to fight the herd and its enablers. God and wisdom versus the retards and shills – I guess most think this isn’t a cause worth fighting for.

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