I’m going to examine one of the better-known Greek terms, φύσις, physis

In all such dichotomies, “nature” is not just one of two equal terms but “essentially” holds the position of priority, inasmuch as the other terms are always and primarily differentiated by contrast with – and therefore are determined by – nature.

One you might have heard of is physis vs. nomos, nature vs. custom. Which is another way of saying reality vs. society.

Nature is a divine word for us today. It meshes well with the scientistic worldview so it’s not instinctively relativized. When a secular person uses the word they are attempting to speak of something objective, and otherwise relativistic people will not dismiss them for attempting to do so.

You should keep your eye out for the “maneuver” of grounding nomos in physis. Often people’s idea of physis is another sort of nomos. So it’s a sleight of hand when they ground nomos in nomos. They do this to hide physis, or reality.

Have you caught on to what I meant when I said H is a gravely serious person?

harbors within itself decisions about the truth of beings

Nature is political. When one speaks of what the nature of something is it is implied that this “is” is an ought that should be made into custom. People in our time lie about nature a lot.

Think of what I’m saying here- It’s the nature of people to lie about nature. Therefore it should be a custom to scrutinize them for this.

You can question whether this physis-nomos I postulate is itself truly rooted in nature.

So, you might already see that there are “juicy” ways of interpreting this old Greek term.

Speaking of the phenomenology of fear, I think nature truly scares people, and they can’t think about it too much without rationalizing. “What’s the nature of a…” They can glimpse the essence and they recoil away. Nomos is used to hide nature.

Look at these bold claims Mr. H likes to make

That course (1924) I’ve been drawing on is counter-intuitive because he tries to synthesize the Rhetoric with the Physics in it. I.e. what the heck does rhetoric have to do with physics?

This is a later essay (1939) of his on Aristotle, and it begins in a puzzling way- the Romans translated φύσις as natura

from nasci, “to be born, to originate … ” as in the Greek root γεν-. Natura means “that which lets something originate from itself.”

To know what the nature OF something is we need to first know what nature itself is. Aristotle’s Physics is the last echo of the formulations of φύσις made by the Pre-socratics.

Let’s zoom-out for a second- H puts the following in brackets after referring to the “____ vs. physis” distinction

We’re learning all sorts of meanings of Greek terms. The question is what is most fundamental. For Aristotle energy is more fundamental than soul or life. What is more fundamental than energy?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What is the being of physis? That’s what we’re interested in now. Pretend you’re looking at language for the first time- Nature IS. What IS nature? That’s another way of asking what is the being of physis. “Is” and “to be” are the same concept.

“So what about politics? That’s what I’m here for!” You can’t understand the noble lies–whether they are lies or whether they are ignoble lies–without first understanding what nature is. A noble lie is nomos. We seek to ground our political world in nature, the true meaning of being, yes?

In the first book of the Physics Aristotle emphasizes that physis is characterized by movedness, or being-moved, or movement, motion.

Let’s phrase this for the political-junkies- What is the nature of a Jew? i.e. How does a Jew MOVE?

We’re getting ahead of ourselves again. To know political things we first need to know what nature itself is.

If you even have a non-H-clarified understanding of the Greeks you tend to be able to “see how things move” better than most people. That’s because the Greeks were closer to Being, i.e. they were more NATURAL than us Judaeo-Christian-Secularists.

“MORE ANIMAL THAN US MORE LIKE!!” Mileage will vary. Many prefer artifical nomos to physis.

Do YOU see how a Jew moves?

Let’s say we’ve been practicing our own style of “nuclear physics” here.

from the outset φύσις is taken as cause in the sense of the “origin”… that which is responsible for the fact that a being is what it is.

Things are seen to have a stability to them, think of fire or an opossum. I.e. a given entity that is characterized by movedness also has a stability as it moves which makes it what it is. That is to say, there is an originary order inherent to a given entity’s movement.

H likes to tweak language in the attempt to “let being speak”. He says to understand the Greeks better we shouldn’t think of movement as point A to point B, i.e. movement through space-

movement as a mode of being has the character of emerging into presencing

HOW is a Jew emerging into prescencing? WHY is a Jew emerging into prescencing in that way? Both of these things can be determined.

“And what you determine is NOMOS, not PHYSIS.” It’s nomos to dismiss jew-critical people of not knowing physis. Zogglings have their own distinct way of emerging into prescencing too. You can point at them and call them by their name just as easy as you can point at the movedness known as an opossum and call it by ITS name.

Look, I’m not trying to get political here. (LOL). I’m just trying to get a better grasp of an old concept, and I like to use certain examples to spice things up.

something determined by φύσις not only stays with itself in its movedness but precisely goes back into itself even as it unfolds in accordance with the movedness

“Free subjectivities” is just a laugh in most cases. Golems, antique farm equipment plebs, women, jews, all have a φύσις that they cannot leave behind. It is also their φύσις to react in a hostile manner if their machination is questioned. There is a stability within the motion of their emerging into prescencing. If you shake an orc while it’s doing its bidding for the demiurge it will be disgruntled, it might even shout- it definitely will want to disappear you. This is its φύσις. And it also is its φύσις to want to hide what it is using nomos. Agreed-upon, customary ways of interpreting the orc-demiurge machination.

“And it’s your φύσις to reveal OUR φύσις!” Yup. Is it possible for you to emerge into presence in the way I do? If not I’d have to deduce you are a “permanently evil” person. That’s what the stability within your motion seems to be at least.

In fact, we do not even have a word that would be appropriate for naming and thinking the essence of φύσις

Here is Aristotle

all these – namely, φύσει-beings – have being of the type called beingness.

H calls “translations” of Οὐσία “interpretations”. Thus his chief text could’ve been titled Substance and Time or Essence and Time rather than Being and Time.

So physis has being of the type called beingness. OR, it has the essence of essenceness.

Imagine how someone like me is immediately removed from any institution, and banned from the public internet. HOW REFINED HAVE IDEAS GOTTEN HERE? They don’t want you refining such ideas for even a day, let alone a thousand or thousands of days. My refinement- it is the “essence” of the public people to be part of a nigger conspiracy that hides what it is. This is their stability within motion.

Maybe you should step back and wonder if it’s good to have that essence. Or is being unable to… part of your nature?

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