Look how H begins his course on Aristotle from 1931

Leave it to mustache man to express the gravity of this best.

This course is one you can’t google Greek from. It pastes as 7t0t0v !Cal talla ‘tci OUt(l) A£y6JJ£Va· ruivta ycip f;Et tOv tile; o001ac;. Thus, instead of two hours per ten pages it’s more like four hours per ten pages. While the script looks forbiddingly alien though I’m learning it faster than I expected.

What if N is right in that quote above? I think he might be.

What’s odd is that when I’ve googled several Greek words, H is often among the first results outside of generic translation-engines. Is he the only one who tried to give a philosophical spin to many of these concepts?

Politically speaking, what implications could the following, specifically, have in the context of the evil Geburah of Kabbalah?

Aristotle determined λόγος (which later on was called enuntiatio and judgment), in its basic function, as άπόφανσις, as άποφαίνεσθαι, as δηλούν.

And if we used this ancient idea of judgment, who wouldn’t meet the following requirements?

Aristotle determines the essence of the soul ontologically in the same book of the De Anima

Deductively determining that YOU ARE A NIGGER

That wouldn’t be a problem for our zeitgeist, would it? I mean, you can just tell from how they talk if they don’t have a soul. Still, there must be ways to do this that are closer to mathematical.

Because let me tell you a secret- once you realize who is truly a nigger, and that they have any kind of social credibility, the thought crosses your mind of their life ending. For the good of the world. And there are lots of niggers in the west with social credibility. So what would happen if it were proven what they are? Would they all be killed? Who cares? They’d be gone, it would be for the best. Do you want retard-animals determining culture whatsoever?

I’m of course not calling for them to be killed, just noting that it seems like a natural instinct to want to kill them once you realize what they are. And what they are is systematically hidden by the lowliest nigger of them all, the rat kike.

“You don’t have a chance in the world, goy!” I’m just trying to get people interested in the Greeks, that’s all.

As much as I love Homer I’m not talking about him. The grandsons of Odysseus exemplify Odysseus’s virtues better than Odysseus does.

Did you like that earlier, I thought that was a cool way of thinking about it- How things move. We’re only at the beginning of understanding that.

The problem we have at present is that it would take a PhD program amount of time to get a “decent” idea of H’s interpretation of the ancients, and those aren’t offered from a Nazi-sympathetic perspective. So we’re at the stage where we have “atomized individuals” embarking on “autodidactic studies”. And often times they’re just normal people with normal jobs who wear a disguise in real life and have secret layers of dissent. This is not ideal. In a PhD program your whole life revolves around the material you’re studying. So in this stage of “total ZOG control” it will be slower than ideal.

I don’t know if you can quite grasp the idea yet that H is the reincarnation of N. This is my meager attempt to make sure the spirit did not die with H. It’s alive in Dugin to some extent, he just has the pressures (profound burden) of being a court-philosopher. It IS like a court-jester, and he probably knows that it is.

The go-to option in our time for carrying the torch is accepting it from one of the French Jews. I would dissuade you from doing that. Half of Deleuze’s “created concepts” for instance might as well be designed to help you be a mouthpiece of the regime. Derrida is Everyperson at this point- every shitlib you can think of is in their first-nature a deconstructionist. This is not philosophy.

Bjerknes, shekina.mybb, Unz review, none of them have much of a care about the tradition of occidental philosophy.

This is where it stopped (with only flimsy exceptions)–H.

This is ONE part of the ideal antiversity. The other part is science of Judaism. Counterparts.

You optics buffoons aren’t even helping. The best you’re going to get from your strategy is the slippery polluted hole of a zogwife. Your child will not be like you. You die with YOU. There’s no point in optics. 2100, your line is constituted by shitlibs that listen to nigger rap, and all you did your whole life was counter-signal against anti-semites.

The best anti-semitic literature I never even see anyone mention! People are completely blind to both sides of the ideal antiversity of the future, euro-thought and anti-semite thought. Knowing the typical faculty of memory out there maybe I will make a list one of these days.

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