My theory is that the more you consciously eliminate the objects from your intended readers the more “yourself” you will feel.

I have finally reached a counter-enlightenment plateau where I am not addressing the main objects, women or plebs, anymore.

Want to know something interesting that strikes me? When I read secondary texts on some writer I usually am not repelled by the contrast between them and the primary texts. With secondary texts on Heidegger I get this feeling. Secondary texts on H are painful to read because they are so many removes away from H himself. There are some great writers this doesn’t happen with. H has such a distinct voice that no postwar zoggling can match up to him whatsoever.

the inner reason of the publication is the change of the system into the shape that Hegel considered to be the definitive one

No one even cares to know this last German’s view of the master Hegel, they prefer to read some kike like Adorno or Kojeve on him.

Yeah, you’re a banker’s bitch, part of the crime-family, as I’ve detailed voluminously.

Someone like me believes in something higher than most people on earth believe- if it dies here it will appear on other planets.

“Hegel is in good hands with the shekel-goblins!” And I wonder who gave you that opinion.

Word to the wise- the gulag is the closest thing to heaven in this life.

“What do they talk about in the gulag?”

This system now no longer takes the Science of the Phenomenology of Spirit as its first part but instead the Logic.

The exile money-printer people have played you all so bad.

Hegel no longer mentions the Phenomenology of Spirit because it was not only no longer the first part of the system; it was no longer a main part of the system at all.

“No one cares what you say in your gulag, we have exile money-printers to interpret now instead of Hegel.”

Heh, I’m doing for Heidegger here what he was doing for Hegel here.

Heidegger’s “Higher Grade” is on Hölderlin but that’s another story. All these “friends” need to be understood, even if he thought Hegel was more important to understand than Schelling.

He does this as a reincarnation of Nietzsche that doesn’t understand Schopenhauer.

“What are they talking about in that gulag?”

the phenomenology of spirit is not erased. It is incorporated into the Encyclopaedia-system in a modified function.

What leftist could ever admit that Lenin wasn’t all that bright?

And now imagine how Lenin makes today’s intelligentsia look not very bright.

H shows how Aristotle had a counter-intuitive idea of “praxis” by the way.


Hegel further expanded the content of the Encyclopaedia-system in the following years.

I’m lowkey doing the same thing here…

A retard-horde won WW2 and there are few survivors.

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