When the going gets tough expect the sellouts and women to promote lies and hide the truth. When the going gets anything they will do that.

“I believe in a scapegoat, the one who tells the truth should be eliminated from society by any means necessary.” You’re a nigger. You don’t have a soul. The reason women were “marginalized” throughout history is because we knew you weren’t even a person.

“And I want to continue being a person led by the jews who believes the same.”

Both jews and women have to rely on hiding people like me to even feel like “real people”, so I wonder about your motivations.

“We have a nigger conspiracy!” Admit it then.

You’re not a real person. I have to live without any institutional support for years to even say this. They want people like me to kill themselves so only niggers exist in the world. Is that what a UFO would think highly of, approaching a planet for the first time.

Hello “UFO”, I will help you “hold you” as much as you need if it means helping me get away from this planet.

“I can’t even get away from this planet.” So if I held you, you wouldn’t feel farther from the earth?

If a UFO invades here I need to make sure it isn’t just a kike-sellout in disguise.

Look at that, it’s almost always someone who sells their soul.

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