Sometimes I love scholars. “Someone else is interested in this? I can’t believe it.”

One of Heidegger’s great contributions is to return the reader constantly to a philosophical concern with the Greek words themselves, and to free the interpretation of Aristotle from its bondage to a translated vocabulary derived from the Latin.

He’s attempting to synthesize H’s A courses, which is desirable to me mostly because of the script problem on some of them. One is on the concept of force, dunamis, and I want to see how that relates to physis, logos, being, etc.

Anyway, the Romans were not the Greeks- it was distinctly a downfall from the Greeks to the Romans. This is clear from their philosophy and art, even if the Romans had an edge with their imperium. So I’d like to know how Greek concepts might still be in bondage to these “grugs” for lack of a better word.

This seems more plausible the more of his courses I study

Volpi, went so far as to title one of his essays: “Being and Time, a translation of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics?”

This is one of the more cerebral forms of genealogy out there- for H philosophy went downhill after Aristotle. And Aristotle himself was downhill from the pre-Socratics who he nevertheless was a genuine echo of. Think of this in the context of my thesis lately that philosophy has gone downhill since H. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the like ruined philosophy in my opinion.

The jews dug a mental ditch and pulled us down there with them – “we need to go back” to the fundamentals

much of the very vocabulary and central concepts of philosophy, for example, substance and accident, essence, potentiality and actuality, matter and form, and so on, are inherited from a Latinized version of Aristotle.

If everyone is so wrong about physis today, what else could they be wrong about?

EXTREME cladistics

Heidegger makes the claim that the works of Kant, Hegel, Fichte, Schelling, and so on are rooted in uncritically appropriated Lutheran theological presuppositions. Luther himself, in turn, is said to have retrieved Pauline and Augustinian sources and developed his thinking as a confrontation with Scholasticism. Ultimately, Scholasticism depended on a distorted transmission of Greek concepts into Latin.

And Marx too, by virtue of that?

A decade ago I had a dorm-mate who was dissuaded from writing his senior thesis on Heidegger by the whitebeard prof because he was too much of a “mountain”. I’m STILL trying to grasp the true meaning of that. Everyday I realize more and more about this.

I feel like my generation and I are moving in opposite directions. While I focus on this type of material they’re just getting palpably more retarded every month it seems. It’s so cozy to just let go and join the jew-zoo, isn’t it? Don’t you feel cozy now? NIGGER

AHAHAHA I hate the US so much.

What do they care about this

Heidegger is certainly correct that Book VI of the [Nicomachean] Ethics, which treats dianoetic (intellectual) excellence or virtue, is a treatise on truth. The virtuous intellect is virtuous to the extent that it holds in truth and safeguards (Verwahrung) the disclosure of beings.

Book VI is one of his primary lenses through which he reads the Sophist.

Ugh I know that most of them are going to be reincarnating into smellier turds than they are now, so I just hope I’m dead by then.

Reminds me something he says in 1945 in an “imaginary conversation” he wrote about a Russian POW camp

the abandonment of beings by being occurs, an abandonment which nonetheless still lets beings be.

The non-being is THERE. It “is” as being not. That’s what the white niggers are. Non-being being. The empty shells they call their lives are probably still “being” enough to be used to fertilize farm soil though I bet.

I relate more to these writings from 1922 than I do to writings from 2022, isn’t that marvellous.

Good point

important to understand that it is not merely a matter of retrieving an archaic meaning of phusis that stands for being in general. This would only amount to word substitution

You gradually start to memorize the way these various Greek words look–φύσις [physis]–how they’re spelled, etc. and I think that helps with getting a non-modern understanding of the concept.

H’s point is that φύσις was the original word for being. So don’t even think of it as “being”. φύσις was the original word for φύσις.

Why is a “nazi” writing about this? Because in jew-world no one knows what φύσις is. That IS the φύσις of people in jew-world- they exist in a delusion that cannot be dissipated.

Some might be more familiar with the Buddhist idea of thusness or suchness. That’s what the investigation into the meaning of φύσις or being is similar to. What is the most primary thing before everything else? Once we know that we can move on from there, because everything else presupposes it. If you are an orc or goblin that does the bidding of the demiurge then you have no idea what φύσις is. It is a ubiquitous delusion, global insane asylum. In other words, there is a need to “go back to square one”. Unfortunately I’m writing this in a country whose founders didn’t seem to do that, and thus have mentally-mangled citizens of it to speak to this about. It seems like there was already a decision to give up a few years ago. The decision to accept the trajectory of the founding and the wars. You’re not going to find me by your side with that.

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