I’m an undying Homer fanboy so I like to know about these things

Simply put, it is not the case that for Aristotle the history of philosophy begins with Thales

Something REAL resonates with me when Homer and Hesiod talk about “the gods”. Is there a physis to their accounts of them? Do they get the logos down right (“account” is one translation of logos)?

Aeschylus was born 20 years after Thales died and I have the tragedians in mind here too.

At least for the culmination of Greek philosophy known as “Aristotle”, what did his predecessors get right?

Also we can be critical and ask to what extent was Aristotle’s account of “the highest matters” a projection that he picked up from a culture inundated by stories such as the Iliad, Oresteia, etc. I.e. it seems Zeus was at least somewhat “contemplative”.

I’ll just put my cards face-up on the table here- I see the internet reactosphere as the Aristotle of the Homeric Greece of America. Mythological, pre-philosophical, that’s what a prog is.

Look at this, an essay from 1895

I have here included all the quotations from Homer that are contained in any of the works edited under the name of Plato or Aristotle

“It’s not true, it’s not true, the Science is on our side!!!” Yeah right, you think I’m just making stuff up when I rant about the rabble? That’s mainstream leftism primarly. They’re not the brightest people in the country. Superstition definitely predominates their beliefs. “Any day now everyone will be a person.” – I highly doubt that. (To name the most glaring erroneous faith.) Only a type of nigger would believe such a thing. And coincidentally enough, Homer’s epics are full of mindless niggers. Hence the need for the philosophers that wrote centuries later. The idea of kleos for instance, that’s so primitive. Socrates superseded that motivation by miles.

“Any day now everyone will be a person.”

Evidently this passage was so well known to his hearers or readers that Aristotle thought it unnecessary to quote it in full.

I’m messing with you so bad right now.

“This is my life you’re talking about!” Yeah your life is a delusion then.

It’s not “any day now”. There’s no chance at all. From birth to death there is no chance.

The only way you can make it happen is if you change the definition of “person” to “retard”.

“Any day now everyone will be a retard.” – Yes, this is the true commie motto.

And any supposedly “reactionary” jew that runs cover for their monied cousins calling the shots IS A COMMIE TOO. Thus, retarded, because wants a retard-world.

The Homeric pantheon of gods is not philosophy. That’s how I see you “people”. It’s a pretty story that doesn’t really have much truth to it.

Playing Aristotle to them just reveals that their natures are permanently corrupt. With a pre-philosophical understanding of what they’re doing they’re pre-evil in a way. When they get the philosophical understanding and continue to do what they do it seems it actualizes a “self-aware evil”. Your soul is dogshit, you’re a nigger.

“Any day now everyone will be a retard.” Yes, that’s pure evil. You’re so much more innocent when you believe “Any day now everyone will be a person.” Philosophic progs consciously are aware that they believe “Any day now everyone will be a retard.”

What that proves is that YOU are not a person yourself.

“Any day now everyone will be a person.” That means you yourself are secretly hoping it’s true for you too. Since you can’t have that you then shift to “Any day now everyone will be a retard.”

I have pinned you down. Your soul is dogshit, you are a nigger. You want to universalize that.

Everyone on the “right” is no different. Your soul is dogshit, you are a nigger. You want to universalize that.

This is what years of plausible deniability redaction has led me to believe, call it the wisdom of solitude.

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