Here is one thinker I might trust, and here is the “absolute state” of this

There are infinite creative ways of approaching the following

If you approach this with servility you will not be creative. I encourage all creativity insofar as it is not servile.

I’m not trying to be an egotist when I say that the only way to be creative in our time is to be off-the-reservation. All the people above were more like me than any of the institutional sellouts.

I think we live in a time of anarchism and people can’t handle “being advised”. I’ve said this before- if you’re against me then you’re pro-system, because I’m the diametrical opposite of the system.

I WANT YOU TO BE CREATIVE. The only way for you to do that is to follow paths I’ve set rather than the ones puppets have set for you.

If you’re a nonconformist against a noncomformist that just makes you a conformist.

You’re missing the point.

Besides, as I’ve said I hate the hipster-mentality, I seek truth, and it just so happens to be the opposite of the typical belief.

Now, let’s think of Aquinas. After Aristotle, he seems to be the closest thing to “the Mind of God”.

Most of the moderns cannot match him. After studying the history of philosophy, if I was in a bookstore on a cruise ship I knew was going to sink and leave me on an island alone for ten years, I’d reach for Aquinas over any French person and most Germans.

“This is just your OPINION!” What is anything?

Aquinas and Heidegger are similar in their seriousness. Life isn’t a joke to them.

French, English, Jewish philosophy I can’t say the same for.

Who REALLY speaks for God?

No one.

These are all mere humans I’m speaking of.

Yet, there are some that give me that “impression” more than others.

I can’t think of one modern jew that does that. Luria gets close and he’s tainted by the exile.

When revelation can’t be believed, when “science” is so often a tool of the state, who really speaks for God?

Not Aristotle, not Aquinas, not Nietzsche, not Heidegger.

They at least get close.

So then we get into this controversy of these Germans who read the Greek having such disagreements with types like Aquinas over the meaning of the Greeks.

Better to just follow what the rabble, mainstream, corporations tell you what truth is in the current year than wonder about any of this.

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