The task of the lion is announced here

No one today trusts “science”, it is in a state of disarray.

Some of us still believe in the ideal, and I find myself going back to the earliest understanding of it.

What is science?

“You need to be eliminated from public discourse, THAT is science.” Uh okay, I typed words on a screen?

“If you speak of this you will be designated as scapegoat and you will be eaten alive by bug-people.” Wait, where do I sign up, that sounds awesome if I get to know the truth.

Let me just not mince words with my readers because I want to save them lots of time- physics, quantum physics, Einstein, relativism, all that, it’s probably best to write that off as jewish religion delusion. “Science” always happens within a theological-political. What we know of as “physics” is “jewish”. I don’t trust jews, do you?

And so I find myself returning to this old writing of Aquinas’s that doesn’t on the surface to be about “the gods” or “God” but rather “physics” or as it’s translated from the Greek, “nature”.

“NAZI DIE KILL NAZI!” I.. was thinking about what science was from the beginning, and you want me to die? Are you Jewish or something?

Eastern dune coon that can’t have its own country. I wonder why a jew would hate the original meaning of science.

Probably because they’re designated as a type of animal that is characterized by its acquistive thoughtlessness?

Have I murdered any of my female jew readers yet? I hope they have found the light of philosophy now. They won’t find it with a male jew who is permanently trapped in being a nigger, unfortunately.


The original meaning of science was about talking with people.

If you ban people who ask you questions you can’t answer and use bots to hide that fact then I’d have to deduce you are one who believes in “pseudo-science”.

“White people are bad, their idea of ‘nigger’ is made up.” No.

It’s a good chance you want the idea of nigger to be made up because you are a nigger yourself.

I am someone who cares about philosophy in general, and if you want to join me in this cursed place you can.

“Science” began as speech between people, i.e. talking. I am trying to talk to you, that is all.

“What about the speech that redeems all niggers?”

That only says retards are good. In the future you will be a monkey that depends on bots to convince you retards are good.

If you need that then you are already a nigger.

That is to say, you have no soul and you pretend you have a soul.

“And I can keep pretending.”

Good night, I am broiling some lamb and mashed potatoes and gravy, and I leave you with this disgraceful reason why you hate science and philosophy.

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