This sounds like some real piety from the Gaon disciple

the Ariza”l made distinctions between the worlds in this matter, for example (Bereshit 14:19) “supernal God-Ei”l787Heb.: Ei”l el-yone” and (Tehillim 2:4) “residing in the heavens788Heb.: Yo-sheiv ba-sha-my-eem”, that if the text had not written them, we would have been prohibited to state them.

In other words, certain mystical ideas you should just be silent about otherwise you’re doing the devil’s work. He’s saying here though that Luria’s exegesis of the Torah allows one to speak of some hallowed matters.

The Kabbalistic idea of the four worlds isn’t present in the Greeks, and I’m willing to entertain the possibility that they’re right. It’s a linear conception of time, whereas the Greeks tended toward a cyclical one.

“The Messianic Age” – this is the religious idea of what we usually call “progress”. We’re not in those old, bad times anymore, get with the program. Progs are essentially accusing you of not having a third-eye if you don’t recognize we’re living in the Messianic Age.

Maybe the Kabbalists are right? For now I only want to emphasize that the Gaon was thought to be the true genius of his time and he didn’t think the Messianic Age had arrived yet. Remember- the Gaon called for the executions of the Hasidim and they continued to revere him despite that- I think that says a lot.

For my extremely anti-semitic readers they might have qualms with accepting that in the pre-postmodern jews there seemed to be a genuine piety expressed

Overintense exposure to the Infinite breaks the bonds with existence, sanity, and the divinely ordained task of humanity: “Man shall not see Me and live”

The Sabbateans claim to have done this and lived. The Hasidim followed them, albeit in a more subdued fashion.

Just looking at our political world religiously, the progs seem to be saying they’re living in Atzilut where they’ve seen the divine and lived. The Gaon is saying we’re not in Atzilut, we’re still in the world beneath it, Beriyah. Progs try to apply Atzilut concepts while living in the world of Beriyah.

Not like I’m totally on board with this Kabbalist idea of Time, I’m just playing along because I’m Greek and like dialectics.

Here is the Gaon disciple again

And the situation is that it’s definitely true that from His (may He be blessed) perspective, even now after He created and renewed the worlds with His intention, He permeates all the worlds and places and creations, all absolutely uniformly and with a simple unity.

What we usually think of as “Yahweh”. Yahweh permeates the four worlds. He permeates it even more densely–MOST densely–in Atzilut.

Oh man, am I just talking to Mossad feds at this point?

I think I agree with the Gaon that we are not in Atzilut. Thus, applying utopian concepts to this world of Beriyah is only going to cause us to descend to a world lower than Beriyah rather than up toward Atzilut.

I’m just a normal guy by the way, anyone could talk about this if they just read the stuff.

Oh no, it will threaten your normal life if you talk about it, won’t it.

I don’t think the “high finance rodents” of today are on the level of the Gaon. There seems to have been a leveling that occurred that carried all jews away in the storm.

Let’s just use the most obvious examples here. Leo Strauss was probably the wisest Jew of the 20th century. He did not match up to Heidegger. My “evidence” for this is to read one for a half an hour then read another for a half an hour, I encourage you to try this exercise. Flip anywhere randomly into their corpuses.

“We” have a different idea of “Atzilut”. One that is more similar to the Gaon’s actually. If you follow the rodents we are not going to get to the real Atzilut.

For the Greeks Atzilut is just the high-point in a cycle. It descends from there. We will not have the high-point of the cycle with the leveled-kabbalists’ plans.

The Greeks themselves were the high-point in the cycle. The kabbalists represent a “beriyah”. The point of the high-points of the cycle is for the other parts of the cycle to learn from them so we can reach a higher point, and thus repeat the cycle again so that future lower-points of the cycle can learn at a higher level. Thus why humanity did not remain dust.

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