That explains so much about Strauss’s courses.

There’s no “sensitive” way to talk about this.

The “New World” was a failed experiment.

The German Jews’ exile to this place was only to a trash-island.


Think of this when you read Strauss’s courses. He is addressing himself to mud-creatures.

Have you ever set foot in Chicago? I have. I’d prefer not to ever again.


Some of us recluses in the US are able to keep a distance from this to some extent.

New England, flyover country midwest, Canada (shhh)

Not trying to be political, just read Heidegger’s courses from Freiburg then Strauss’s from CHICAGO and tell me what difference you see.

The US is a failed political entity and everyone suffers from it. I say we go back to the drawing board and figure out how to make it a real utopia.

“You need to kill all the jews before that happens.” Why are you saying that and using me as your puppet? I obviously think 1% of Jews who are survivors from the anti-Gaon purges could have some insights to share.

“The Sumerian bankers will use the 1% idea as a pretext!” I’m not talking about them. It’s the intelligence the wealth created. It wasn’t all for nothing. What do the 1% of Jews who hate the high finance rodents think of these things?

Do you really want to end up with a mind like Strauss’s, in Chicago? That’s extremely sad, even as a Nazi Strauss is a hero of mine.

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