You know the 102 of the Gesamtausgabe of H? There’s other output of his besides that. Some of it looks really interesting too

This is similar to the political philosophy of Hegel course which consists mostly of students’ notes. Kind of want to look at them, even if they’re chaotic.

The historical, the political properly understood, can only be grounded on the aesthetic state.

He says Art should be thought in the place of the Political.

Oooh… he was giving these lectures in the same semester (36-7) as Hölderlin ones. So this is a hidden side of the latter. 36 is also the year he began the Contributions. What else is there that isn’t in the official Gesamtausgabe??

Let me show you something that might kind of perk your ears up a little

If Strauss and Dugin agree with me on this, I don’t really need much else as far as confirmation.

H says that Schiller’s Letters on the Aesthetic Education of Man is about grounding human history anew based on the fundamental reality that what makes humans humans is their aesthetic state. In other words, we are primarily beings shaped by art.

I’ve been trying to ground our history anew. I don’t think philosophy can do it!

Talking to the mind is not what is effective.

If you’re out of the loop, Schiller was Goethe’s best friend, and he was an artist himself besides being a theorist and also a historian among other things, a renaissance man like Goethe.

If you still think about a painter’s palette when I say the word art then you are living in Plato’s cave. The State itself is aesthetic. If you don’t recognize this then you are part of the painting, not looking at the painting. Dangerous stuff here!

Anyway I’ve only found secondary material on this course so far- apparently H focuses on letters 19-22. If philosophy left the face of the globe when he died then we probably aren’t going to see what’s really in those letters without his help.

Let’s use art to understand art, how bout. The Truman Show. That is REALITY in ways people don’t understand! They live on a “set” without being aware of it. This is through the aesthetic grounding of history.

If our zeitgeist wasn’t so anarchistic they’d imprison people for even talking about this, so for our “democratic times” I am thankful. I do bet though that some of my readers have had that feeling that talk of historiography deserves prison-time. You ever feel that? It’s like ruining a movie for someone, except it’s life you’re ruining for them. This is what is meant above regarding the fundamental reality of humanity being aesthetic.

More technical matters- see this subtlety of the gesamtausgabe?

Now look what he says in a neech lecture on the will to power as art

So these unknown(??) students’ notes are all we have for this POLITICAL puzzle piece.

I think people are still too woozy after discovering that a “Nazi philosopher” wasn’t just some crazy, incoherent beast or something. Just breathe. The bankers won’t hold it against you if you adjusted your naive opinion somewhat–oh wait, yes they will, so better be quiet about it if you have.

I don’t know about you, I don’t want to be in the painting, I don’t want to be a Truman. If anything I want to be a painter or director myself. H&co. show you how to not be in the painting. And the golems are certainly in a Bosch painting at that.

H says that Schiller’s concept of the “aesthetic state” is similar to Kant’s Einbildungskraft.

Of course H sees himself as going one step further (as usual) and he’s probably right. Think of the aesthetic state in a double sense. The political aesthetic state and the subjective aesthetic state. This is the condition for every other state. In other words, aesthetics is a way of speaking of “the theological-political”. And aesthetics is the grounding reality of history.

So what are the implications of this? Think of it in terms of “the always-already”. You are always-already going to interpret Heidegger as “painted” in a certain way, because we are always-already living in an aesthetic state, and he is the enemy depicted in this art. So the condition for every other state shapes how you see him talking about how aesthetics is the condition for every other state. Thus- the people who aren’t as gullible as Truman need to make art to reshape the condition for every other state. “I think I’ll make the OPPOSITE of that kind of art.” Yes, that is because you are in the painting yourself and thus can’t be a painter. The question of the origin of freedom is also discussed in this course. The scholar I’m drawing from here has no idea what’s going on because they are in the painting themselves. I can tell this even from only scattered quotes from it so far because of other of his writings I’ve read off-the-reservation (out-of-the-painting). Remember, how-to-paint disappeared from the face of the globe.

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