This IS a guiding motif

The only question is whether an age is ready and strong enough for it.

I’d have to say that Americans are halfway between Greeks and Africans, and probably closer to the latter.

I do recommend the parachute-approach to the plane doing the nosedive.

The truth is they don’t feel a need to “eject” because they feel themselves part of the engine and wings of the plane.

One of the main problems is the brute fact that parachutes don’t exist. Let’s just go with a recent example- over 90% of crypto-currency enthusiasts were carbon copy banker-clones already. There is a staying on the plane until it crashes or there is a freefall- I choose to do the latter. You hit the ground faster than I do, I’m in fact watching the fiery ruin from the sky as we speak. It is a wingsuit that I have I guess you could say.

The baboonification already occurred, the virus psyop was just to seal the deal. Anything reminiscent of humanity is already gone, and I trace this to around 2019. Didn’t exit the plane, you are far from the Greeks, you are an ape. Call it the dialectic of descent. No one in their right mind would want to be friends with someone who stayed on that plane. Only some of us still in the sky are friends. There must be a way to cushion impact upon hitting the ground without breaking our legs? Maybe not. The ones that stayed in the plane are spiritually dead–the technical term is “white niggers”–and I’m happy to go on with a limp rather than be one of them.

Alright, for anyone still in a wingsuit here- Heidegger’s distance from National Socialism is only one layer of what to be aware of. If you want to call it “Spirit” or what have you- there is a disdain that he was giving those lectures at all. If H wrote from his hut from the 1910s to the 1970s it would have been better for Philosophy. No. He chose to be part of “public life”.

This is “concern” for τιμή that led him to this, note well.

I.e. “the truth” is not in either the National Socialists or Heidegger, because Heidegger himself was a type of “National Socialist” which has the word “Socialist” in it. Few will see the distinction being made here.

Neither Heidegger or Nietzsche practiced θεωρεῖν.

We can’t even be sure if Aristotle did. At least he formulated the concept. And that’s what’s redeeming about all of these ones. One might recall that Aristotle was forced to leave Athens to avoid the fate of Socrates.

“What about how we’ll land on the ground, we’re in wingsuits up here!!” That’s no concern of mine- the main concern is θεωρεῖν.

Nietzsche practiced θεωρεῖν better than Hegel or Heidegger in my opinion. He was not part of an institution per se. I say that with a caveat. He remained in the periphery of this “occidental plane”.

I say this with reverence in my heart for all of them by the way. Simply put, Nietzsche cared what his friends thought about him. This is a limit that he has. If one’s aim is θεωρεῖν one should not have that limit.

Okay, are you still flying, have you hit the ground yet? This is a Neoplatonist discussion we are having.

Let’s state the initial point here again

The only question is whether an age is ready and strong enough for it.

Heidegger did not do it! Neither did Nietzsche.

At the same time, we can distinguish “layers in the light”.

Heidegger being part of institutions is something you should be very concerned with in my opinion. Nietzsche was not part of that.

Let’s just contemplate, what is θεωρεῖν?

Nietzsche did not know that either.

Zarathustra, BGE, Twilight, these are really just jokes from the perspective of someone who loves neech and at the same time has no ressentiment at all against him.

I.e. H and N are both symptoms of lack of contemplation.

And how are the niggers of America reading this?

They have zero idea what I mean when I say Heidegger was “fallen” from Geist.

I heard a car blaring rap music earlier, and most Americans don’t seem too far from that ethos. Thank George Washington or something I guess that you’re ten removes from the Greeks?

Something Heidegger said on Schelling and Hölderlin stands out to me in this context

The history of the solitude of these poets and thinkers can never be written

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