Taking a time machine back to an earlier chrysalis than Hasidism

The rabbis who were the dominant force behind the transmission and editing of the Babylonian Talmud were strongly opposed to professional dream interpretation, perhaps because they wished to differentiate themselves from Magi

What did these poor UR-goys have to deal with anyway?

This is Zoroastrian Persia during the Sasanian period where the Talmud was written. The jews lived in that milieu for centuries longer than they’ve lived in the US.

Why don’t these scholars even try to hide this, I don’t get it, they must feel invincible among my bovine co-ethnics

the Babylonian sages’ extensive knowledge of Sasanian jurisprudence and their ability to manipulate Sasanian laws to the benefit of their own community.

Anyone who isn’t a jew is a potential nazi they are allowed to screw over–that seems to be the implicit (sedimented) assumption.

In case you need a refresher, the Talmud was considered more primary than the “Old Testament” from this time til the time of Luria.

An expatriate “Babylonian” produced a Talmud in Spain as early as the late 700s. The Zohar first appeared in Spain in the late 1200s. So, 700 years from the appearance of Talmudists in Spain to the time of the exile. During those 700 years were they dogmatically perceiving/treating the Spaniards as Persians? It seems likely. So how were those Magi perceived in the eyes of those “sages”?

Yaakov Elman is the preeminent expert in this field if you want to know more beyond my glance that follows.

The laws of the Talmud are what the Sabbateans abolished

the question no longer is whether Sasanian law was known or discussed by the rabbis, but rather to which extent it was adapted consciously or unconsciously and played a part in the formation of rabbinic law and certain rulings transmitted in the Talmud.

Apparently scholars have found remarkable traces of Sasanian law in the Talmud.

Just like today how jews share customs with American culture, they shared customs with Zoroastrian culture. Not speaking during meals for instance. So it wasn’t just out in the public square, it seeped into everyday personal life between jew and jew.

As recently as the 1970s jews thought they had confirmed the Sasanians had zero impact on the Talmud.

My sense is that in ZOG we got the worst of both worlds, Talmudism AND Sabbateanism fused together. Middle Eastern dunecoon crossed with Eastern European shtetl-bumpkin. Kiss their feet!

I think there’s more of a “family rivalry” between Israel and Iran than is typically understood

recent research in the field of Iranian Studies, Iranian theology, purity laws, and religious doctrine show many striking parallels to rabbinic thought that cannot be explained away by mere coincidence

Don’t be confused about my fawning over Iran- it’s always been the question of which Oriental Despotism to prefer, the jew-loving one or the jew-hating one, and that seems like a no-brainer.

What’s worse than Middle Easterners? How about nihilistic Middle Easterners.

Excessive Void-worship vs. excessive Allah-worship. Either way, it’s alien to us Euros. YAHWEH AS VOID, time for a new exile.

Mossad assassinating Iranian scientists is a way of saying “Cousin! You missed out on our Sabbatean Revolution.”

So, the Gaon was more similar to an Iranian than today’s secular jews.

That IS what we seem to have- the stereotype of “strictness” we have of Iranians mixed with the nihilism of Sabbateanism. I.e. Despotic Nihilism.

In other words, the worst kind of niggers you can imagine.

Give me a Theocracy over an Atheocracy any day of the week, please.

This is why the degenerates love ZOG- because they hate God, they prefer an enforced Atheocracy. They are hostile to anti-semites for shaking that Atheocracy.

Jewry is the human attempt to halt the Day of Judgment. As a result, we have masses of people walking around with impunity who in reality belong in Hell. Yes, the demons are all on earth–unjudged and forgiven–and the jews are responsible. That’s because they want the same treatment for themselves.

Why do I bother to speak to such a world as this?

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