Someone wrote a book on this?

Bach was always too “churchy” for me. I always had the intuition before seeing this study. Bach died when Kant was 26 (Kant was decidedly less churchy). And it seems Beethoven (1770-1827) is proper music for describing Hegel (1770-1831).

Religion, Art, and Philosophy all arise from the same people and are different expressions of that people.

Wouldn’t it be funny to see a musician arguing with a painter, the former detailing ways in which the latter’s craft is “simplistic”? I think this is possible. That’s Neoplatonism 101.

Painting seems to have shifted to photography in our time. And photography to motion-photography, i.e. film. And film is often accompanied by music.

I can’t remember seeing much genuine philosophy in modern “music’d moving pictures”. Motion paintings with sound. If there’s no thought there what’s the point?

And that brings us to what is known as “the art of finance”. This art does not permit any “thought” about it.

As a consequence, we only have works like Bach’s that are all too “churchy”.

I much prefer Beethoven when self-consciousness realized itself. Bach is a backwards, pre-reflective era in music.

I like to imagine readers thinking “Yes, I always hated that about Bach, you’re right!!” He’s just godawful.

Mozart (died 1791) also is a Bach-type.

Adolf and Mozart’s birthplaces were less than an hour apart.

Why can we have no Beethoven of politics?

My goal from the beginning was to bring one about.

The truth is, Beethoven is not enough either. He’s like Heidegger. We just have to deal with them as the “ideal”. I want something better.

Motion-painting, music-Thought. Where is this?

I want a human being to be that. An artwork is inferior. A human being needs to be the artwork. And that is politics. I want a politician that makes Beethoven sound like discord.

The jew order is like slamming two trash can lids together like cymbals. Even if there’s a “harmony” they’re able to achieve, that’s still what it is.

“Goy needs to dieeee, goy neeeeeds to dieeeee…” Is that your song, jew?

I will hand it to the jews that they are masterminds in politics and economics. With that said, I think it’s a joke to say they’re on the level of Hegel or Beethoven in their craft.

They don’t create anything approaching timelessness. Their nature is characterized by making another excuse for the exile.

Can we please have REAL art, politics, philosophy someday? Not in this jew-order, no.

And what you see here is the science of the jew, which will be kept hidden.

These people who keep it hidden (golems and jews alike) do not care about the noble meanings of Art, Politics, Science, Philosophy.

They’re like Bach, or even worse, like country, pop, or rap.

They use their mediocrity to hide people who have noble aims.

Put THIS in a “moving-picture”, I dare you.

Of course not, that might lead to self-awareness of the Political that would destroy the “pseudo-art of finance”.

All this to say that real art incorporates philosophy.

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