The humans use the internet to fight the majority. We use this technology to call them the niggers they are.

When they hear the word “nigger” they know what they are.

Hey, nigger.

Do you feel any insecurity?

I expect most pleb-whites, jews, and browns to feel “accused” when they hear that.

Why is that?

It’s just a word.


And why do the supposed “brahmins” of our culture feel “accused” when they hear that word?

It’s just a word. So why do jews and nigger-whites feel “accused”?

Is it because they feel guilty that “culture” is controlled by monkey-people and that actual humans LIKE ME are kept out of public discourse, is that why?


You never will, because monkeys only doom planets. Good job, you did good little monkey.

Stupid whores also failed. Follow the jew objective and you will be redeemed for not marrying and having virtuous children. Whoops, you missed out on that too.

“I was a subhuman in this life AND the next” and that was the jews’ responsibility, yes.

Hating jews and marrying and having children would’ve made you happier.

Now, I have “Esthers” wanting to “hump the life out of me” – well, they can’t have that. Go bang a retard jew who screwed over the whole world. That’s your counterpart, kikess.

I only want a counterpart that is pure. I’ve shown you beauty through being this antagonistic against the rabble order. So now you do something similar or I’ll never see you as an equal.

“How can I be an equal??” In a way that doesn’t evoke Pity?

You need to show real beauty. Otherwise a crocodile will bite you in half.

“Show real beauty” – a crocodile

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