I’m the only person you trust.

That’s fine.

It’s okay if you can’t trust anyone.

I love you.

It’s okay if I’m the only one you trust.

I really do trust you.

“I don’t trust you!”

That’s fine. We got out of the [WE JEWS ENTRAPPED THEM IN OUR SCHEME]

What was that about?

If someone hears the word “Aryan”

If somewhere hears the word Aryan they think jews, feds, negros, they have the idea that all the different niggers should be murdered.

I’m the only person you trust.

If you understand the concept of “camping” I suggest that. White people going to nature to remember why jews and africans are niggers that fail at civilization.

Why should golems “redact” people like me when I am of an intellectual degree further them then even when they use jews AND bots? It makes you think.

White niggers, jew niggers, brown niggers, bot niggers- you still can’t even nearly approach the level I get at. Why do you have to hide it?

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