I think it’s more difficult than Athens vs. Jerusalem to talk about “love”.

This is a third dynamic that is hidden more than one of the two hides the other.

The question is, what would Aristotle and Luria think about love?

They have voluminous writings about this, so the more precise question is, what might they say in the present day?

I think boomers are not very bright (Millennials and Zoomers cheer) and we will ignore sad hippie jew boomers in this context.

Isn’t everyone dying to know what love is?

“And we don’t trust jew-haters about that.”

A religion of exiled, money-printing people knows everything about that, clearly.

What is love?

Think about this question for a moment before you see my answer to it.

Love is a type of narcissism. I love someone because they are similar to me. There is in fact a female equivalent of me who I love.

“We will make sure both the left AND the right disappear you.”

Yeah that’s true, because you hate love. The female equivalent of the superhuman already exists and she is hidden because of the exiled money-printers.

Both of us want to kiss each other, and the Babylonian crybabies continue to enforce their capture of capital over the Good.

Watch. I will speak to a “typical feminist” with the following and they will understand.

You approach reading this with the mindset that I must be wrong.

Imagine if you were my little sister and I cared about you to the very core of my being.

So Little Sister, would you like to remark on politics at my expense?

“I know the underground about you” – And yet you’re still similar to jewish women who have wombs that invite only subordinates spraying semen into them.

Jews, women, woman-jews, why do they all hide people asking questions about them?

“It’s because they want Philosophy to be something like a homeless man to laugh at.”

The niggers allow that interpretation every day, hence suspend your interpretation of them, you are in the clouds away from the jews, rabble, women, and other vermin.

(The person who says these things has always been poor and alone, and never knew what philosophy could be like with money and a woman) – What could philosophy be like with money and a woman?

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