I think it’s obvious that anyone reading this is more a candidate of being “someone’s true love”

If you follow my reasoning, it’s because I love you, and they will keep you part of the modern world of “nigger redemption” which is usual among the exile types.

I want to ask you, outside of the huts and jews, what do you believe the good is?

The ideal is for us to live in the forest together. Only on the internet are the sludge opinions of kikes and niggers. So I truly do wonder, if we were in a hut and making babies that go beyond both of us, what thoughts would you have about the modern day?

You’d have to be beyond kikes, niggers, plebs etc. to even have an opinion of that, and they all keep you hostage, and yet someone above all of them is the one with the true tits-pussies.. the true beauty of the world.

A woman who is alone with me in nature with no feds or demos around… that’s ideal.

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