Can you believe this is happening? Look what dropped this summer

Lampert is one of the only worthwhile academics alive in my opinion. Sad to make a sweeping statement like that but it’s true. He only gets away with it because people are so stupid they don’t realize what’s going on. Seriously. He enacted a Revaluation within the institutions, and that’s extremely rare. He’s the “Hitler” of respectable scholarship. People off-the-reservation can take his thought lots further than he takes it.

So, he wrote a book on the Zarathustra in 1986. I get the sense from Rosen that the Straussians didn’t even want that to happen. They’re guardians of the city more than they are philosophers by the way. Both these two wrote books on Z- how I would characterize them just through gut-instinct is Rosen is more learned, Lampert is more daring.

Keep in mind none of these codgers really understand the implications of the internet. They’re in their little bubble. Within that bubble, Meier’s recent book on Z was something of a momentous event. So, it will be interesting to see what the t-rex Lampert has to say.

Did Meier get the text right in the most important chapters of Zarathustra?

One can have all sorts of “cold, inhuman” thoughts when contemplating this question.

For example, my first thought is that Z was designed for the rabble, so chapters in it are really a secondary question compared to centering chapters in other books. I have a hunch that the scholars in question are aware of this. With Lampert you should err on the side of expecting him to be “nobody’s fool”.

“Z is my favorite though!” I wonder why, pleb. So mysterious. N goes on AND ON about how poets are liars, and then you read that and don’t think it applies to him. That’s called a “textbook dupe”.

Anyway though, how Lampert begins this review says something about human psychology that I’m omitting here. So much nihilism can ensue if immature people think about that too much. And I haven’t exactly gotten the impression that most of my readers are mature.

The other day I was lamenting how on the internet there is no corporal punishment. Caning a zoomer would make them a better person. Alas.

I can almost “deconstruct” this review line by line because I’ve meditated on the Straussians so much

As an exegete, Meier is extremely meticulous, paying the text great care, honoring Nietzsche as an author who always knows what he is doing and always has an intention in doing it.

This is a Strauss-dogma. I’m not sure if Strauss knew what he was doing when he formulated it. Uh oh?

This picture is one of my favorites.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Lampert somehow found himself reading this? I think I heard once that his nickname is “Laurie”. You don’t want Goebbels referring to you by your nickname, that’s not a good sign for your reputation.

Straussians only talk about neech because the kagal doesn’t let them talk about Kabbalah. One Neoplatonism is kosher to discuss, the other is not. Born in Chicongo. Saxon-primate country.

Something interesting to note about Lampert is that his book on Z didn’t even include Part IV. You think you can be taken seriously when you talk about the most important chapters? Hopefully Laurie has that lakehouse for being a “good academic” that was precisely diagnosed in BGE’s “We Scholars”.

My neechfreek readers might appreciate to learn that notebooks in English are still being published – this one from this year. I already read those in the German a decade ago. Some people really do care about “Abendländisch” philosophy. I know kleos, “poosee”, shekels are too much of a temptation for most.

Let me just take all this apart for a second

This is where neech scholarship is stuck at in ZOGworld. This is charitable too. The lower triad is where it is in most cases.

This is how they keep “the Moses of the goyim” from causing too many problems.

This is one of those “ladders”. (((Anglophone))) scholarship is something only to be discarded. If you can read the “big names” in neech studies without feeling disgust and contempt then you are not there yet.

That’s only ONE step of the way. Nietzsche himself doesn’t even “know”.

If he is indeed the Moses of the goyim this is important to understand.

Any leftist nigger will say the same thing but mean something completely different. No, in my case his wisdom is incorporated, in their case they live as an “eternal-ressentiment-type”. This is a chimp that parrots philosophical concepts without understanding them. You will often find these types sympathizing with african hut culture and being too afraid to talk about jews. These aren’t people who you should trust about the Moses of the goyim. These are niggers.

I’m just at the fire in the forest with you. Both scholarship and internet demonstrate only an amateur’s understanding of the German’s appropriation of the Greeks.

“And we’ll keep hiding you for that!” It’s what niggers do.

Let’s stick with mainstream scholarship for now- Lampert after years reveals what centers the rabble-bible known as Thus Spoke Zarahustra

“The Dance Song” was a breakthrough moment for me in interpreting Zarathustra and therefore Nietzsche, the recognition that Life was intimating an ontology, that Nietzsche was intimating an ontology.

This is pure Heidegger-dogma. Reading Nietzsche on his own terms, he wouldn’t have liked for someone like Heidegger’s categories to “ensnare” him. Thinking of him in terms of ontology is a way of leveling him. The reality is that Nietzsche created his own “ontology” that wasn’t an ontology. Heidegger only feebly tried to do that himself. And honestly, I love Heidegger for that attempt. In other words, Heidegger fits into that “We Scholars” chapter of BGE like Lampert does.

“I’m glad it’s only ONE voice in the wilderness that’s saying this to me!” So your democratic instincts betray themselves.

A fun thought-experiment is imagining Lampert critiquing this in any way. He sticks with the small targets like poor Meier. Lampert’s career would be in flames if he decided that a “real ontology of Nietzsche has never been tried”. And so, the Moses of the goyim remains inaccessible to the public.

I do not speak from the “standpoint of society”. I expect that this eminent neech scholar has material gains that make up for his wisdom gains. Lampert, do you care more about a lakehouse than NIETZSCHE? In all cases in the academy this is the case. In almost all cases on the internet this is the case. People are bribed and blackmailed to speak of the great minds of our tradition.

I’ve only gotten to page 7 of 20 of this review, and he’s lost the plot to such a degree I don’t care to continue.

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