Yeah, Allan Bloom is definitely “canceled”

Socrates in the dialogues exposes the important kinds of human souls and their characteristic errors.

“That’s just YOUR OPINION!” No. There are characteristic errors, sorry to break it to you. Error is everywhere, there’s more error than not. Error condenses into distinguishable archetypes.

If suffering is real then truth is real. Suffering usually arises from error, one’s own and others’.

You eat food and you stay alive. This is not error. Error is through doing and talking. It is the equivalent of starving yourself and others. You don’t eat, you die. You err, there’s suffering.

In investigating Ion, Socrates studies a kind of popular substitute for philosophy.

Philosophy is the opposite of error. Popular substitutes for the opposite of error are the reason for suffering.

I don’t claim to know what philosophy is, I am only speaking formally.

People usually talk about one particular error at a time. I am talking about error as such, the solution to it as such, and the problem preventing the solution as such.

The “walking error-archetypes” need wisdom because they cause people suffering.

Do you remember how I began this post? You’ll be canceled for talking like that! Thus, suffering will continue.

Certain types of souls and the characteristic errors that they have.

The other day I was reading some female academic and had the thought that most women are not able to fulfill their potential. They do seem to live in error in that they don’t live the life of the mind. While I do believe many are born dumb as rocks, I think they could’ve been taught differently when they were younger in order to not live in error when they’re older as most now do. This is just one example of a certain archetype which I choose because it describes so many people at once. There are also error-archetypes that are rarer.

The Greeks are simultaneously alien and familiar to us to help us rethink our own time

It isn’t so simple for us- we don’t have a Homer. Socrates kind of had it easy, relative to us. Our “Homer” is what I usually call the egregore or the zeitgeist or the partzufim in the clouds. It’s arguably less urgent of a concern to scrutinize one particular error-archetype in comparison with the error-archetype known as “our Homer”. ALL the error-archetypes live under his gaze. All happiness and all suffering is “on his watch” as it were.

“Leave him alone, he’s doing his best!” Are you so sure about that?

He does not have any characteristic errors, that’s right, isn’t it?

As you know, I try to make Socrates into a 2022 person. I think some characteristic errors would be revealed in “our Homer”.

You’re fine with suffering I guess? Because that’s what errors cause.

“What’s an ‘ERROR’ is to question him at all!”

Do you know that we are figuratively and maybe even not so figuratively discussing “the gods” here? Are we not supposed to discuss “the gods”?

We are only mere mortals, so what if our ideas about the gods are wrong? Thus don’t we have an obligation to discuss them? Suppose that our ideas about the gods have errors and those errors cause suffering. Do you ever suffer, do you like to suffer? The solution to suffering is fixing the errors, i.e. wisdom. And given that one is removed from society for that, it seems to follow that you must like to suffer. I would call that an error in itself.

Let me ask you a question, sport. Can you remember back three current events ago? I doubt you can. Meanwhile “our Homer” was there. And he’s still here. And he will be here three current events from now. Do you want him to be here ten current events from now? What if he causes immense suffering during that time due to his errors? What if those errors could have been corrected if only you had “talked about the gods”?

Bloom is ironically in error for not talking directly about the things I speak of

The poet [Homer] is the spokesman of a god, and the rhapsode [Ion] is the spokesman of a poet and hence the spokesman of a spokesman.

The Greek world only translates over into terms of our own zeitgeist if you have the eyes to see. Most people are spokespersons of spokespersons of the egregore. I saw one guy the other day who wasn’t- it’s rare. It’s error to not discuss whether the egregore is in error. Consequently error is all around. There is suffering, and next to no one “takes it up with the highest”.

-the Greeks are UFOs noises-

Finally, after establishing that the poet is possessed by a god, and Ion by the poet, Socrates completes his argument by asking Ion to confirm that the spectators are possessed by Ion.

The egregore chain.

Most are too “possessed” by it to talk about any of this.

It’s possible to be possessed by “Zeus” rather than “Yahweh”.

Bloom calls Ion an “actor”. Do you see yourself in the following picture, be honest

This man possessed, living with the gods and the heroes, is at the same time counting the box-office receipts.

This is “savage” (in the positive sense of the term)

he is their flatterer and their creature; his self-esteem depends on their prizes; he does what he does at their bidding.

Bloom got an old-school German education via Strauss, they don’t really make em like that anymore. Just one piece of evidence on the pile that “our Homer” is in error.

This you?

Ion is now a helpless instrument of a blind power.

See how much truth is packed even in this “minor” dialogue, Ion?


Ion offers an excuse for doing second best.

Like clockwork.

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