This is so awesome

In the first stanza the countryman goes out to see: “As when on a holiday, to see the field a countryman goes out.”

Don’t you like to see a field as when on a holiday?

“It’s a field, what am I supposed to see?”

It’s a field AS WHEN ON A HOLIDAY.

That’s quite the field.

You could almost find God in a field if you saw it the right way.

IS physics sacred? We tend to not think so. On a holiday a field is sacred.

I think there’s a change of breath when a field is seen on a holiday.

Anyway, these are just the first words from a Hölderlin poem. If you “speedread” you will miss a lot. H discusses physis in the context of this poem. So, we have deconcealment- the question is what is deconcealed? For Hölderlin physis deconceals itself as the holy.

“It’s a field to me.” The field is concealed.

Physis educated the poet, it called for him to name what it is. And that’s the name he gave it- the holy.

Is there any rule against going to see a field as when on a holiday when it’s not a holiday? I don’t think there is such a rule.

What do you think is the truer mood, despair or seeing a field as when on a holiday?

Remember nature isn’t about some forest. It’s emerging into presencing itself. What is it that emerges into presence? This poet has named it.

Here is Hölderlin

Always as heroes need garlands, the hallowed elements need likewise the hearts of feeling man for their glory.

“It’ll always be a field to me, my holidays are hell anyway, so that doesn’t help me either.”

This scholar describes pre-deconcealment eloquently

nature itself (the holy) holds back, remains closed up within itself, aloof

Don’t tell me you’ve been staring at the field dead inside?

“You can’t make me pretend it’s Christmas.” Why, it was pretty easy for me to do.

Remember that Hölderlin was translating Greeks like Sophocles, so he didn’t have the modern idea of nature in mind here

This could also pertain to lightbulb light- it’s gleaming is higher revealing.

This DOES make me pause

Hölderlin refers to it as older than the ages.

One might also mash together the Parmenidean One and Heraclitean Fire here.

“So the field’s on fire now.” No, its gleaming that’s hovering all about reveals something higher.

It’s not just a field.

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