Throughout the years, and particularly in the 1950s, Koselleck regularly visited his mentor in Plettenberg.

This is the town of about 25,000 where Schmitt spent most of his life. His correspondence with this historiographer Koselleck was published a few years ago.

the domain of concepts is a battlefield… and the history of political concepts, in particular, is a form of intellectual military history.

Leave it to a fellow Kraut to extend Schmitt’s concepts in a “friendly” way. And this hearkens back to Right-Hegelian friends which have mostly been sublated into oblivion by the Age of the Masses’ predilection for “dirty santa” Marx.

Over the course of the decades of correspodence he began to be independent from Schmitt and develop his own thought

It’s odd to think that one can’t really imagine Jünger having a “protégé”. Something of a dandy in that light. Jünger is valuable mostly for being the icon of an “intelligent murderer”. We need more people like him.

Although Schmitt is popular in China, like I said, I don’t expect those Confucian ritual-brains to take him FURTHER

Koselleck liked to drink wine with Schmitt and discuss all sorts of disciplines. Apparently Schmitt would leave a heavy stack of materials on the nightstand and expect him to have it all read by the morning. Some people are lucky to experience that!

Koselleck’s only punishment for [you can guess what] was to pick up rubble at Auschwitz. Was that like picking up garbage after a carnival? His dissertation in the late 50s was on modernity’s rootedness in the Enlightenment, and how post-Enlightenment discourse was an “intellectual civil war”. By the 80s he had collaborated with Gadamer on a book, so he was steeped in Heidegger too. Still, in a late interview he said Schmitt was his most pivotal teacher. For some idea of his “sellout or not” temperament, in the 90s he wrote a newspaper article on how memorializing the shoah’d jews was narrow. Maybe why you probably never heard of him.

This is cool- remember that Hobbes book?

Check out this pure, unadulterated niggerkikery

“You just have to squeeze two hateful concepts into one, don’t you? One isn’t enough for you!” That’s right. It’s a virtue to hate dirtbags virulently, in my world.

Aren’t you glad to find someone like this who isn’t that obsequious clown Agamben?

A good rule of thumb is that if you don’t find anyone who’s lectured for the European Graduate School sickening then you are lost. These are not philosophers. They’ve fully embraced the gun to their head and promised to hold it to other people’s heads. Jews’ niggers (like most of my readers). Okay so what does this mean, let’s rehash- making friends with the enemy. Only a complete idiot does that. This is most goys.

Koselleck furthers Schmitt’s notion of “indirect powers”

The English Civil War never ended, it only continued on the intellectual plane. Like I’ve said, not many Cavaliers have survived. Mostly, I postulate, due to majority-rule. Anyway, you can see Heraclitean physis present in the above snapshot too. Koselleck is continuing the civil war…

Oh yes, such “worthy enemies” I have in this civil war.

I like how the German word for “enemy” is Feind, because it looks like “fiend”- it sounds like “find”- find the fiends and put them out of existence. Oh, they’ve been found, and now for the second part.

My male readers will probably appreciate this militarial framing

Remember Schmitt’s appropriation of Cortes- the autocrat “ends” the discussion. Continuing the discussion at all is just playing into the hands of the shitlibs.

Note that Frankfurt shiller Habermas is known for his theories about “communication”. This conflicts with the Heraclitean conceptions of conflict. We’re supposed to see the Enlightenment as so rose-colored and not a mistake on multiple levels.

I still think Spinoza characterizes who the real friend and enemy is though. The real enemy is the mindlessly emotional and impulse-driven mob and those who serve them. The friends in the civil war are the refined and aloof.

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