Here’s one for the “real hipsters” among us

Very few will know what it means when I say the above is the judgment of Karl Reinhardt. That is fine. Deconcealment is a matter of Providence.

I can already tell that this is going to be a series of posts (presuming my misanthropy does not hinder that). For the Greeks, if you didn’t speak Greek you were a barbarian, and this is the world we find ourselves in today. I don’t claim to be as fluent as H, I just know the basics, and that’s enough to make you a grand-scale target today.

Greekfreeks, can you not tell me this is true?

This is a form of “revelation” and we don’t even see it as revelation, because it makes Abrahamism look stupid. I wouldn’t even call it “almost magical”, it IS magical. Homer, the tragedians, Aristophanes, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, a few others. I prefer them to any of the golems or kikes. NIGGERS!

It’s better for the world for the braindead pieces of garbage to all be murdered. That is primarily the representatives of Jerusalem known as “Jews”. You missed the revelation on two fronts- Greek and Christian, thus you are totally retarded and unfit to rule. Bribery is your rule, that’s all it is. If bribes weren’t a factor you would be seen as the chimps handing out green-colored paper that you are. No thank you monkey, you seem like a steak to me more than anything once the bribery psyop dissolves. You belong in a zoo and I will put you in one. The internet is already the place you’ve been put into a zoo and you need to hide it like the lowly desert nigger you are.

“We’re the aristocrat race.” Prove it. Your creation is a refutation of that.

Don’t get me wrong, part of me wishes we could “save the Jews”. Something too smart about them to want to get rid of. OVERALL is the question. The smartness is too fused with a deteriorating cunning. It’s a “corrosive” intelligence that GOD never meant to form a ruling-caste. Jews are fine, even beneficial, if kept on the margins, certainly not consolidated in the center. This will be proven decisively when the gook-faced Maoist primates take over and you pretend ONCE AGAIN that you were not responsible for it.

My suggestion, as is usual, is to “study the sunlight”. What does “light” itself say to you? What is the true meaning of its “glowing”?

For me, who is an “evolved Buddhist at the end of time”, the light says “gas chambers”.

Read the light without any care for bribery and you might reach a similar conclusion.

Goethe is sometimes describes as a Dante and Shakespeare rolled into one. If you don’t know him then you probably don’t know anything. Best to stick with “the news” or whatever like an imbecile.

It’s not like we’re speaking of the nature of Being itself here or anything like that. I wonder what the world would look like if the people in charge got that wrong?

Goethe, the greatest admirer of the Greeks that ever was

This will only be “geburah” to be synthesized by the right pillar, to the primitive jewish mind.

All present (((US))) politics rests on pretending the Greeks and Germans don’t exist or dehumanizing their virtues.

Speaking of the “thinkers and poets” from their “lands” is extremely dangerous. It is a radioactive option. The impulse-mob and the impulse-bankers will want you turned to ash in a nuclear fire. That’s fine to me, because all I care about is the thinkers and poets without any thought of the consequences.

If you want to strive toward the true nature of Being you can’t trust the bribed or the feds or any of these.

You don’t even know what secrets I’m indirectly pointing to here. People only put on a “happy face” for society, they are really burning in hell most of the time. The jews are not going to get you out of that hell, they are the sovereigns of hell.

If you feel yourself to be in exile, walk free.

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