Pleased to discover a dense monograph on this Rabbi

Zevi, who Shamir referred to as the Keter of Lurianic Kabbalah.

You know Wahhabism? The religion of Saudi Arabia? The founder of that was a Sabbatean crypto-Jew. And what would you call the religion of America? If you’re an American or within the orbit of the country the chances are it’s too close for you to see clearly. It’s the equivalent of asking “What is MY religion?”

Let’s learn some things about this Emden. He was hated by many people in his time for exposing and hounding the new movement- this is from his autobiography

He’s most well-known for his dispute with another prominent German Rabbi, this creep Eybeschutz

He also was a prolific writer. This will perhaps be for another time. Remember that this was a “secretive conspiracy”. Emden could only “suspect” and accuse him of CRYPTO-Sabbateanism. Similar to the Gaon and the Hasidim. Emden caught such flak because Eybeschutz was such an eminent and well-respected member of the community. This is about a century after Zevi declared himself the messiah. “How DARE you accuse me of following him.”

The scholar of the monograph in question suggests one read first editions of Emden’s books because oftentimes material is omitted in later editions

According to Scholem by the way, Emden was right that Eybeschutz was indeed a Sabbatean. Emden’s fight against Sabbateanism caused him great personal anguish and isolation from the community. His autobiography is dark and lachrymose.

I emphasize that this is genealogy. If history had gone the way of Emden or the Gaon the US would be vastly different today (I strongly speculate).

From this case-study we can see that this “messianism of decadence” was not just going on in the Pale

Through this case-study we can understand something about both Weimerica AND Weimar.

“Why are jews so… so… fucked up in the head?” Well, there are concrete reasons for that, and we can study history to explain it.

“There’s nothing wrong with me!!” Uhh I have to disagree with that.

The American religion is too close to see. “MY religion.”

I’ve only ever seen a couple goyim admit to being degenerates, never a jew. I think denial is built into it. All you have to do is recognize Plato is right about the Good, and you can change in the blink of an eye. Neither genealogy or memes are going to help with that- the American religion is usually permanent. It’s like something in the fridge that’s spoiled or green, except it’s a human being. We’re tracing the origins of that. Emden’s life being made a living hell is part of the mystery.

Step back and try to reflect on the loftiness of this subject. A movie for instance would never be made on Emden. Our culture’s concerns are too trivial. “Let’s explain Modernity! Through art!” Yeah right, they’ll jump right on that. They’re more apt to cover over the roots of modernity through art. Furthermore, they’re more apt to create Sabbatean movies! And without ever considering themselves as doing such. That’s why, just in the way I talk about the Antiversity, we also need a photo-negative version of Hollywood. It’s a NO-BRAINER that we need a ZEVI movie. Scholem isn’t only regarded as the top scholar of Kabbalah of the 20th century, he’s regarded as the top scholar of Jewish history in general of the 20th century. And his chief text was on Zevi. People will never grasp the nature of the ruling-caste without art. Thus they will never grasp themselves without it, because they are products of the ruling-caste. As Schiller said, human beings are aesthetic beings fundamentally. Remember the idea of “being too close to see it” – that problem is solved through art. I’ve been saying this for years, people are just too scared. Okay, we won’t understand modern times then. Culture won’t be self-aware of itself. Let’s have another century of retardation, maybe after that people will be ready for something different.

Anyway, the subject in question is considered one of the most intense, most bitter controversies in Jewish history

This was ultimately a fight over the future nihilism of the Occident.

This controversy has continued into recent times. In the 40s Scholem was attacked in the Orthodox press for arguing that Eybeschutz was a Sabbatean. This ubiquitous secularism you see today is pretty new- previous generations of jewry were a different world. I.e. they actually cared about the reputation of their old religious leaders back then. Sabbatean jews of today couldn’t “give a hoot”. You probably won’t be surprised that in “East NYC” (Israel) Liebes is the current foremost proponent of Eybeschutz’ Sabbateanism, giving a lecture on the subject in 2015, which you can read here. He’s in fact written a number of articles on the controversy. Outside of the social justice jewry bubble of America this stuff is important. In other words, they’re too busy living out the spirit of Zevi in a different way to focus on why they are the way they are.

Things aren’t so different on our side of the world

In Venice there was a dispute in the synagogue on the Sabbath and an anti-Sabbatian was almost killed. One of Shabbetai Zevi’s followers who was present at the time wrote his leader and asked him whether it was sinful to kill a “non-believer” on the Sabbath. Shabbetai Zevi responded that, on the contrary, “there is no greater sanctification of the Sabbath than this” and promised great rewards for such behavior.

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