This is what I’m looking for, this is what I’m always looking for!

Hegel argues that there is an intellectual desire in every mind-possessing being for the most profound kind of knowledge

I’m setting myself the challenge of discovering this. I doubt I will succeed. I will try.

Again, this is Heidegger’s suggestion

The encyclopedia’s categories are referred to as a circle of circles.

“No books are going to tell you the most profound knowledge!” You must be new to life if you think that.

Pleb excuses aside, even if you argued that the mystical experience is the most profound knowledge you can’t even understand what’s happening in that without books. A child having an out-of-body, near-death experience is going to have a different experience than an old, learned monk having an out-of-body, near-death experience.

Philosophy thus empowers thinkers to comprehend the eternity in which they always already participate and to “enjoy” their own participation in it

“If I’m having a near-death experience I don’t think I’m going to be enjoying it.” Not necessarily- in some reports people go to “heaven”, other reports people go to “hell”.

Enjoying means knowing anyway. Being in eternity and knowing it, thus enjoying it.

What I’m getting at is- mystical experiences are not equal. If a dog gets hit by a car does it have a mystical experience of its soul leaving its body? I personally think probably on some level. Thus it seems ridiculous to presume that someone who studies Hegel, say, all their life will have the same mystical experience as a dog. Same with normie morons who go to “Hooters” and watch the “game” instead of studying. All dogs go to heaven, all plebs go to heaven. sigh, I wish the “kelipah” were just a bad dream I could wake up from. No, no, they’re necessary like the rind of an orange is necessary. Ten foot thick rind for every orange in our world unfortunately.

“Why do I find myself in such a hateful place?” You tell me!

“I’m a degenerate myself! I’M THE RIND myself, you caught me, what else is there to say?” That is not true (if you are a pretty girl).

Let’s look at how the Encyclopedia-system is broken down

A. The science of logic
B. The philosophy of nature
C. The philosophy of spirit

C. contains three parts

1: Subjective spirit
2: Objective spirit
3: Absolute spirit

In turn, part 1 of the third part of the system contains three parts

A. Soul
B. Consciousness
C. Spirit

The Phenomenology of Spirit is this second B. here. That’s the only book that’s usually read of Hegel’s. 1/3rd of 1/3rd of the system. Well, do you want to have the mystical experience of a dog?

It’s not like I’m a Hegel-fanatic myself, I just think he’s one of the handful that can help us reach the goal of attaining the profoundest knowledge. It’s similar to recently when I was talking about how it’s mythical that Thus Spoke Zarathustra is Nietzsche’s “peak book”. Just trying to center the corpuses of these geniuses so we can have the most undoglike mystical experiences possible. “Are you questioning my dog?!? I’ll fight you.” It’s a dog, they’re cute for being dumb.

Another (FORBIDDING) layer to this

the Phenomenology-system to the Encyclopaedia-system… the question of the concealed equal status and of how the two systems belong together

I only see one secondary text on the Encyclopedia-system, there’s probably more in German.

I just trust Heidegger about these things. He seems to waver on the rangordnung of Hegel-Hölderlin-Schelling. The peak of Hölderlin for him is that “As when on a holiday…” poem I was unpacking recently. The peak of Schelling for him is the Treatise on the Essence of Human Freedom. Consider this as my “statement” to all you clowns out there who read the history of European philosophy through some jew or another.

Marxist jews telling you about Hegel, okay, no thanks.

This search turned up some funny results

That reminds me, I’m still waiting for my sandwich elf in lederhosen. I guess I shouldn’t have made myself a lawless outcast for 2000 odd days. Well guess what? I doubt the profoundest knowledge is possible without doing that.

Let’s see what else this lederhosen fool has to say

This essential determination of the absolute is, therefore, the presupposition of the Encyclopaedia-system. But what about the presupposition itself? Can the system lay claim to being the absolute system if it rests on a presupposition that it does not ground itself, namely in an absolute sense? Hegel indeed carried out the grounding of this essence of the absolute and managed to carry it out in the Science of the Phenomenology of Spirit.

That’s the original title of what we usually call The Phenomenology of Spirit.

We mere mortals must dwell on the form or outline of the profoundest knowledge before actually getting to the profoundest knowledge. What, how are you spending your afternoon?

Hegel himself in a lecture on the Encyclopedia said he hoped that it would one day be recognized as the ONLY veritable method of philosophy. Some people are kind of superstitious about Hegel, and I’m one of them honestly. I.e. I’m open to the possibility that he’s right about that.

Look what else Heidegger makes note of

Hegel concludes his second and definitive system, the “Encyclopaedia-system,” not with his own words but with a Greek text whose words are taken from Book Λ of Aristotle’s Metaphysics

Hegel believed his two interlocking systems to be the consummation of the Greeks.

He says Spirit is νοῦς, nous. You know that word Schmitt speculated had the same root as nomos? Now I’m going to have to see if Heidegger has writings on νοῦς, since he sees himself as the consummation of the Greeks AND Hegel. And from there, philosophy left the face of the earth. I’ve tried to show how his corpus is centered too. It all IS quite the burden- the profoundest knowledge is not going to be easy to attain.

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