I said I was meaning to talk about Scruton’s musicology, and I decided that’s too technical (mathematical-aesthetical) for Weimarians to understand, so I look at one of his books on Wagner instead

Many things are left out of the “LOTR” series. These are the operas that inspired Tolkien.

WHO is Wotan?

This is the “Zeus” of the North.

If you happen to trust my general temperament, I think Scruton is one of the admirable thinkers of recent times. I wouldn’t say he had a “spine”. He fought the left throughout his life as much as a British gentleman could and in a high-minded manner, so I think he deserves some credit.

“Wow, so you think he even knows who Wotan was then?” If you’re writing a book on Wagner that begins the way above then you probably have “some” idea.

This interpretation situates Wagner as similar to Homer in making the gods the prominent “character” in the story. Usually people think of Odysseus instead of Zeus for instance. Zeus was Homer’s alter-ego. Wotan was Wagner’s alter-ego. (Please not that I’m not a narcissist and when I talk about Wagner I’m not trying to talk about myself, I used that name because I thought he was right about many things.)

This is an intriguing genealogy unto itself- to what extent Christianity was a Jewish capture of “Paganism”.

At least for me, Jesus and the Founders both seem like non-aristocrats. Anyone who spreads the message of equality is part of the mob.

“I have a Jewish wife!!! How do I reconcile?” I dunno buddy, that seems difficult, I’m here for you though. “I married her because I wanted to bone the chosen people.” Sorry to say you got confused by the plans of the demiurge, sincerely speaking.

Christianity, America, Judaism, it seems more people would have intuitive hatred of all of them.

“Don’t you love our freedom here?” If you’re free you get scapegoated and eaten by bugs, so I don’t think so.

Sir Scruton does have an interesting interpretation of one of my favorite “poets” though, and that makes life worth living

Wotan has a long-term vision, and an ability to project his will forward into events so that nothing that happens to him should be wholly accidental. It is this very ability to see forward that enables him to do what no other character save his daughter Brünnhilde is able to do, which is to will the end, his own end included.

Scruton was definitely a writer-between-the-lines, he was too smart not to be.

When I criticize the Saxons it is because I want them to “return to themselves”. I’m part Saxon, retard.

Such is the case of “the American situation”. Hopefully some can formulate it better than me in the future. For now it seems they are all hiding the most important details. “Why am I professing subhuman values? Well, subhumans bought this country with a money-printing machine.”

Old Man Scruton actually makes me admire the codger generation

The raw material for Wotan is taken from many sources. First among them is Homer’s Zeus, the ‘father of the gods’

“It doesn’t matter because YOU’RE the real demiurge.” That’s funny, I compare you to “gook face chinese” and you readily relate. You’re definitely a “communist nigger”. Your soul looks like it has down’s syndrome and you are imperial about that. That is jew-proggism, hopefully you aren’t part of it (you probably are).

Even the “right” hides me for all of this, that’s the state of “human knowledge”, subhuman niggers everywhere.

“Tell us more about Scruton though.”

You don’t care to know about things beyond “braindead-nigger” sphere so why should I bother?

Earth, dead planet.

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